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Is Spectra Premium still in business?

Is Spectra Premium still in business?

Spectra Premium Industries is pleased to announce that an agreement has been reached with Turnspire Capital Partners. Turnspire will acquire Spectra’s existing operations and support ongoing development and growth under the new name of Spectra Premium Mobility Solutions.

Where are Spectra Premium radiators made?

We manufacture all OEM parts and our tooling in Canada, either at Boucherville or Quebec City.

Are performance radiators worth it?

Upgrading to a performance radiator helps your car maintain that sweet spot where your engine produces the most horsepower without producing too much wear and tear. Older radiators were often built out of copper and brass. The best replacement radiators are constructed out of aluminum.

What is a heavy duty radiator?

The Heavy Duty version of the radiator fits light and heavy-duty trucks, and off-highway equipment. They are built to sustain more stress and more heat generated over long periods of time. 100% new, not Core Charges.

Where are Denso radiators made?

While both are made by Denso the Honda brand one is made in Japan and has a copper core with a hair better fan shroud fitment. This aftermarket model has an all aluminum core and is made in Taiwan.

Where are Carquest radiators made?

North America
Carquest® Radiators are designed and engineered in North America using the highest-grade materials to ensure all of our radiators meet or exceed OE fit, form, and function.

What brand of radiator is the best?

Best Radiator Brands to Buy in the U.S.

  • CSF. The Cooling Experts (CSF), as the name suggests, are essentially among the experts in the car radiator manufacturing space, having proven their expertise by successfully serving the US aftermarket for close to 4 decades.
  • Valeo.
  • Behr.
  • Spectra.

Does changing car radiators make a difference?

An underperforming radiator can dramatically shorten the life of your engine and leave you stranded by the side of the road. However the good news is that a problematic radiator don’t necessarily require replacing. Often a good flush is all that’s needed to restore its cooling performance.

How much does the average radiator weigh?

In the U.S., close to 10% of copper scrap (approx. 70,000 tons) is from radiators. Since roughly 12 million cars are scrapped each year, with an average radiator weight of 6 kg, copper radiator recyclability is close to 100%.

Which cooling system is used in heavy trucks?

Forced circulation cooling system
Forced circulation cooling system: This system is used in many vehicles like cars, buses, trucks and other heavy vehicles.

Does DENSO make good radiators?

This radiator is a great replacement for the OEM. It comes entirely assembled (transmission ports already installed) and includes the radiator cap. Build quality seems to be high. Everything hooked up easily and fit right the first time.

Is DENSO made in China?

All DENSO Spark Plugs are manufactured in Japan, Indonesia, China and USA. If a part claims to be a DENSO component but has been manufactured outside of these areas, then it is not genuine.