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Is Simplilearn legitimate?

Is Simplilearn legitimate?

More than 40 global training organizations have recognized Simplilearn as an official provider of certification training. It has been named as the 8th most influential education brand in the world by LinkedIn. In short, Simplilearn is legit and it’s safe to use, you won’t be scammed.

Is Simplilearn a US company?

Simplilearn is located in San Francisco, California, United States .

Who runs Simplilearn?

Krishna Kumar founded in 2010. In the following years, he has built the company into one of the largest players in delivering certification training for working professionals.

How much does Simplilearn cost?

About Simplilearn The cost to attend Simplilearn ranges from $79 to $5,000 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $1,000.

How do I share my Simplilearn certificate on LinkedIn?

Log in to your LinkedIn account, then go to your profile. On the right, in the Add profile section dropdown, choose Background and then select the drop-down triangle next to Licenses & Certifications. In Name, enter the name of the course or program.

How do I get a refund from Simplilearn?

Follow these simple steps to initiate the refund: a) Login to account. b) Click on “Invoices” under Profile drop down option. c) Click on “View Invoice”, you will find a link “Initiate a refund”, if the refund request is within policy.

Where is Simplilearn from?

Based in San Francisco, California, and Bangalore, India, we have helped over two million professionals, and companies across 150+ countries get trained, acquire certifications, and upskill their employees.

Who is brand ambassador of Simplilearn?

Milestone 6: Simplilearn Brand on High Simultaneously, radio and media were moving on full stream with the appointment of Irfaan Khan as our brand ambassador. In the process, Simplilearn garnered the attention that increased its brand visibility significantly.

When was Simplilearn founded?

2009, Bengaluru, IndiaSimplilearn / Founded

Who founded Simplilearn?

Krishna KumarSimplilearn / Founder

Does Simplilearn provide scholarship?

The company is offering merit-based scholarships on all the courses that are delivered via online self-learning modules, excluding masters programs and courses covering examination fees. Interested applicants can submit the application form online on

Can you put LinkedIn courses on resume?

Adding relevant courses on LinkedIn can increase the quality of your interview and help you stand out from the other applicants. In general, LinkedIn Learning training courses are especially beneficial when included on your resume.