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Is Showbox SoDo all ages?

Is Showbox SoDo all ages?

Generally All Ages venue & bar access is 21 & over with ID.

Is The Showbox closing?

The Showbox (originally known as the Showbox Theater) is a music venue in Seattle, Washington. It has been owned by AEG Live since 2007….The Showbox.

Owner AEG Live
Capacity 1,150
Opened July 24, 1939
Closed 1948-53; 1962-67

What is The Showbox SoDo capacity?

1,150The Showbox / Capacity

How big is The Showbox Seattle?

The Showbox The venue can accommodate up to 1,100 guests in a standing-room configuration (300 to 600 people in various seated configurations), and is fully furnished with house sound and lighting systems, a professional kitchen, four full bars, and a multi-level floorplan that allows for incredible sightlines.

Do you have to be vaccinated to go to Showbox Seattle?

If you’re not fully vaccinated, you need to have proof of negative test. If for some reason you’re unable to get a test within 72 hours of the event, you can put your tickets up for resale. Click here for more info. How do I show proof of vaccination when I arrive?

Does the Showbox Seattle have seats?

Where can I park for Showbox in Seattle?

Nearby Parking Options

  • 1200 Western Ave. ( 1221 1st Ave.) – Harbor Steps Garage.
  • 275 Stewart St. – 3rd & Stewart Garage. Excellent (1,892)
  • 415 Seneca St. – Fairmont Olympic Garage. Excellent (406)
  • 1100 5th Ave – Hotel Vintage Valet Garage. Excellent (465) 0.3 mi.
  • 1508 7th Ave. – 7th & Pike Garage. Excellent (1,071)

Does the Showbox in Seattle have seats?

What does SoHo stand for in Seattle?

South of Downtown
So, the interpretation shifted to “South of Downtown.” Given that and the way the name echoes the SoHo (South of Houston Street) district in New York City, it only seems logical that we would write it as SoDo and call it a day. However…

Why is Belltown called Belltown?

Belltown derives its name from William Nathaniel Bell, an Illinois farmer who went west in 1851 by wagon towards Oregon.