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Is shmoop legit site?

Is shmoop legit site?

The site’s learning resources are legit: PhD and master’s students from schools such as Stanford and Harvard write much of the conversational content, which is peppered with pop culture references.

How much does shmoop cost?

$150. All subscription plans automatically renew on a monthly schedule.

Is shmoop free?

Our Learning Guides and Study Tools are free. CLICK HERE for the whole list of free Shmoop. Our Test Prep products, Online Courses, and Teaching Guides are premium.

What is shmoop website?

Shmoop is an online education provider that offers guides and online classes across a wide range of subjects from math to literature. Its content is clear, informative, and presented with a distinctive style that encourages rather than intimidates students.

What is shmoop school?

Shmoop provides lively Learning Guides and Teaching Resources lovingly written by educators and doctorate students at top universities (primarily Stanford, Harvard, and UC Berkeley). Our guides have a deep, fun approach that hits students in the intellectual and cultural gut.

How do you create a shmoop account?

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Why is Shmoop called Shmoop?

According to David Siminoff, the name “Shmoop” comes from a Yiddish word meaning “move something forward a little;” it was also his pet name for his young daughter Sophie.

How do I cancel my Shmoop subscription?

What do I get with my subscription?…How do I cancel my subscription?

  1. Once you’re logged in, head to “My Home.”
  2. Click on your username in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the settings page, at the bottom right you will see “Cancel Subscription” and “Delete Account.”

Is shmoop ACT prep good?

Our ACT® Test Prep is at the top of its game Everyone, from our engineers to our test prep experts, knows that the ACT is the most popular college admissions test in America.

Who owns shmoop?

Ellen Siminoff

Ellen Siminoff
Education B.A., Princeton University MBA, Stanford University
Occupation Entrepreneur, Investor
Years active 1996–present
Known for Yahoo! (founding executive) Shmoop (co-founder)

Is shmoop a scholarly source?

Shmoop articles are authored by teachers (high school or college level), Ph. D. and master’s students (e.g., Stanford, Harvard, and Yale). They base the articles on “credible academic sources” and then cite the source.

How many people use Shmoop?

More than 6M monthly users and thousands of schools and districts across the world are using Shmoop to support their curriculum, social-emotional learning, intervention and test readiness programs.

Is Shmoop com safe to use?

On Shmoop, you don’t really get any help from humans. You can use all the information published on the site, but that’s about it. So is reliable, but only to a certain extent. Is Shmoop a scam? No, Shmoop is not a scam.

Is Shmoop a reliable source?

So is reliable, but only to a certain extent. Is Shmoop a scam? No, Shmoop is not a scam. The information on the site is presented in an original manner and clearly a lot of work has gone into creating it. However, we definitely wish Shmoop also introduced writing services.

Is Shmoop right for You?

Shmoop is known for a humorous attitude to learning, with jokes being included in the study materials and comedy bits being featured in the study videos. Still, we believe that this approach does not work for everyone. Some students need a particularly serious environment to advance in their studies, but that’s not what you’ll find at Shmoop.

Is Shmoop a good way to study?

However, as a study guide, knowledge database, and collection of educational videos, Shmoop enjoys a certain level of popularity among college students and teachers. The lighthearted approach to teaching, filled with jokes, can make the study process easier for students.