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Is Scott a good bike make?

Is Scott a good bike make?

Many customers looking to get into mountain biking for the first time ask us ‘Are Scott Mountain Bikes any Good? The answer to that is Yes – and there is a massive array of benefits and reasons why you should choose a Scott MTB.

What are Scott bikes known for?

As the first brand in the bike industry, SCOTT sports introduced an entire line of Plus-Bikes. Thanks to its wider tires, 27.5“Plus bikes enable more fun and aggressive handling but also more forgiveness due to an unmatched level of control.

Is Scott a brand?

Its products were sold under a variety of well-known brand names, including Scott Tissue, Cottonelle, Baby Fresh, Scottex and Viva. Consolidated sales of its consumer and commercial products totalled approximately $3.6 billion in 1994. The company was acquired by the Kimberly-Clark Corporation in 1995.

Are Scott bikes German?

Situated in Givisiez, Switzerland, the new global headquarters are the home for all of SCOTT’s divisions including Bike, Winter, Moto and Running and serve as the organizational center for SCOTT’s other brands. SCOTT Sports is known for being an innovation leader in the sports industry.

Are Scott bikes American?

Scott Sports SA (formerly Scott USA) is a Swiss producer of bicycles, winter equipment, motorsports gear and sportswear. The company’s main office is in Givisiez, Switzerland, with branches located around Europe and in the United States, South Africa and India.

Are Scott E-bikes available in stores?

Since 2011, the SCOTT e-bike has been at the forefront of electric bike design and innovation, and remains one of the leaders in e-bike development today. If the e-bike you’re looking for is out of stock, use our in-store stock checker to see if it’s available in one of our stores nationwide, and have it delivered straight to your door.

What is the difference between the Scott bikes?

Every SCOTT electric road bike is highly aerodynamic, comfort-focused, and super-fast, while the electric city bikes are engineered to combine style and performance. The SCOTT ladies electric bike range is designed for women’s specific contact points.

Are electric bikes made for You?

If you are looking for all the advantage of cycling but with a little extra assistance, our electric bikes are made for you. Our range extends from electric mountain bikes, trekking e-bikes, hybrid electric bikes to urban electric bikes. There are models for men, women and even kids. You will definitely find the perfect bike for your needs.