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Is Santa Monica College still online?

Is Santa Monica College still online?

SMC remains mostly online for Spring 2021 and Summer 2021 as previously announced, with the exception of limited practicum lab tools for students in disciplines deemed essential by the State of California such as Nursing and Respiratory Therapy.

What GPA do you need for Santa Monica College?

a 3.0
You must also have at least a 3.0 (high school) GPA. If you are a continuing college student, you must have completed at least 12 college units with a 3.0 (college).

What majors is Santa Monica College known for?

Most Popular Majors

  • Liberal Arts and Humanities. 5,237 Graduates.
  • Child Care Provider. 536 Graduates.
  • Natural Sciences. 407 Graduates.
  • Business. 334 Graduates.
  • Accounting Technician and Bookkeeping. 217 Graduates.
  • Political Science and Government. 198 Graduates.
  • 188 Graduates.
  • 148 Graduates.

Is Santa Monica College good?

Study in California International Students recognize SMC as one of the best community colleges in California and the nation.

Will SMC be in-person fall 2021?

Santa Monica College will offer a flexible array of course offerings for the Fall 2021 semester, which begins Aug. 30. While most of the 2,900-plus classes will be online, a significant number of in-person offerings will also be made available.

Are SMC classes online?

SMC offers a vast number of online courses in a host of disciplines.

How many pass no pass SMC?

1. Part-time students (those enrolled in fewer than 12 units) are limited to 5 units of Pass/No Pass enrollment per semester. Full-time students (those enrolled in 12 or more units) are limited to 6 units of pass/no pass enrollment per semester.

What happens if I fail a class at SMC?

Students who earn a D or F in a class may repeat the class once more without any approvals. If you fail it again and wish to retake it, you will need to complete a Special Consideration petition at the International Education Counseling Center. A decision will be made to allow or deny the repetition at SMC.

Is it hard to get into Santa Monica College?

It is a big institution with an enrollment of 10,005 undergraduate students. The SMC acceptance rate is 100%.

Is Santa Monica College a feeder school?

SMC is the top feeder West of the Mississippi to the Ivy League Columbia University. Recommended for all students.

What is SMC known for?

From liberal arts to sciences, accounting to film production, SMC’s career- and transfer-oriented programs rival the nation’s best universities. New courses are constantly being developed, including career-focused ones developed with direct input from industry advisors.

Is SMC online in the fall?