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Is Rimi Tomy got divorced?

Is Rimi Tomy got divorced?

She married Royce Kizhakoodan on 27 April 2008 at Lourde Cathedral church, Thrissur. In 2019, the couple filed for a mutual divorce petition after 11 years of marriage. She lives in Edapally, Kochi.

Is Rimi Tomy married?

Royce KizhakoodanRimi Tomy / Spouse (m. 2008–2019)

Who is Rimi Tomy husband?

Royce KizhakoodanRimi Tomy / Husband (m. 2008–2019)

When did Rimi Tomy divorce?

2019Rimi Tomy / Divorce date

After being together for 11 years, Rimi and Royce decided to end their marriage and shocked the world with the news. The couple filed the divorce petition before Ernakulam Family court on April 16, 2019.

Who is Sonia engaged to?

The city of Detroit confirmed a Michigan Chronicle report that Mayor Mike Duggan and Dr. Sonia Hassan have recently become engaged to be married. Duggan was caught up in controversy in the fall of 2019 when he was linked to Hassan’s Make Your Date program by a report from the Detroit inspector general.

How old is sithara?

35 years (July 1, 1986)Sithara / Age

How old is Vidhu Prathap?

41 years (September 1, 1980)Vidhu Prathap / Age

What is the relationship between muktha and Rimi Tomy?

On 23 August 2015, she got engaged to Rinku Tomy, brother of Rimi Tomy. On 30 August 2015 she married him at St George Catholic Forane Church in Edappally, Kochi.

Who is Sonia Granados?

Sonia Granados was born on August 14, 1982 in Miami, Florida, USA. She is an actress, known for …

Is Sonia from married at first sight still married?

Regrettably, Sonia and Nick’s relationship did not thrive after Married At First Sight. After about a year of marriage, the television personalities announced their divorce on March 22, 2017. Even though the couple’s split was disappointing to some fans, Sonia was optimistic about the end of her marriage.

Who is Sithara Krishnakumar husband?

Dr.M SajishSithara / Husband (m. 2009)

Where is Sithara Krishnakumar from?

Malappuram, IndiaSithara / Place of birth