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Is RIAT 2021 Cancelled?

Is RIAT 2021 Cancelled?

THE Royal International Air Tattoo has been cancelled for the second year in a row. The management team decided it was too risky to press ahead with this summer’s three-day event at RAF Fairford which would have celebrated the air show’s 50th anniversary.

Why is it called Air Tattoo?

The origins of the Royal International Air Tattoo stretch back to an airshow first held at North Weald Airfield in 1971. Inspired by two air traffic controllers, Paul Bowen and Tim Prince, this modest event, organised wholly by volunteers, was originally held in support of the Royal Air Forces Association.

What planes will be at RIAT 2022?

The Royal Navy have confirmed their intent to send three aircraft to participate at RIAT 2022, a Wildcat, Merlin & Avenger. Continuing the naval theme, the German Navy will again return to RAF Fairford with two of their maritime aircraft types, the Orion & Sea Lynx, which will be on static display at RIAT 2022.

When was the last Riat?

RIAT 2018 was staged over 13–15 July 2018. The 2018 show featured 302 aircraft from 43 air arms and 30 nations, and featured a celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the founding of the Royal Air Force.

Is RAF Fairford on this year?

THE Royal International Air Tattoo is returning to RAF Fairford for the first time in three years. Covid forced organisers to cancel the 2020 and 2021 air shows but the spectacular event will be back on July 15-17 with around 170,000 visitors expected at the military base.

Is Fairford airshow on in 2021?

Can you visit RAF Fairford?

In Fairford town you can find grocery shops where you can get refreshments….RAF Fairford – Spotting Guide.

Spot #1 – White Cottages – 09 arrivals
TIME From 10:00-17:00 all year long. Backlit in summer mornings and evenings.

What planes are currently at Fairford?

There are currently four of the iconic B-52 Stratofortress located at RAF Fairford, which operates jointly as one of the USAF’s European air bases. The B-52’s have been in Europe to “integrate with NATO Allies over Europe” as part of the ‘Bomber Task Force Europe’.

Is RAF Fairford a US base?

Its most prominent use in recent years has been as an airfield for United States Air Force B-52s during the 2003 Iraq War, Operation Allied Force in 1999, and the first Gulf War in 1991….

RAF Fairford
Type RAF station (US Visiting Forces)
Area 470 hectares (1,200 acres)
Site information
Owner Ministry of Defence

What planes are flying at Fairford?


Aircraft type Squadron/unit Theme
Austria – Austrian Air Force
Boeing KC-135R Stratotanker 351st Air Refuelling Squadron USAF 75TH
Boeing KC-46A Pegasus 514th Air Mobility Wing USAF 75TH
Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II 495th Fighter Squadron USAF 75TH

Is RAF Fairford an American base?

RAF Fairford is a Forward Operating Location made available to the United States by the UK Government.