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Is protection warrior good for leveling?

Is protection warrior good for leveling?

Protection is the most popular leveling spec build for Warriors, as the spec focuses on dealing more damage and can still heal most of leveling dungeons if needed.

Are protection warriors good?

When put in the right situation, Protection Warriors are not only very strong, but have the potential to completely outclass other tank specs. Against fights where the vast majority of the damage intake is blockable, Protection Warriors are one of the strongest, if not the best tank spec.

How much hit rating does a prot warrior need in TBC?

Each point of Expertise skill reduces dodge/parry chance by 0.25% and you need 3.9423 rating for 1 expertise skill….Secondary Stats for Protection Warrior Tank in Burning Crusade.

Condition Hit Rating Cap
No buffs 142
Heroic Presence 127
Improved Faerie Fire 95

What race is best for Protection warriors?

Best Alliance Races for Protection Warrior

  • Human is the best race on Alliance because of Will to Survive.
  • Gnome is competitive with humans because of Escape Artist, allowing you to frequently break roots, which is one of Protection Warrior’s greatest counters.

Is prot warrior good for soloing?

if you need a swiss army knife for solo content prot paladin is ur best choice. In solo play you’ll have to get healing through victory rush.

Is prot warrior hard?

Protection warrior, one of the two sword and board tanks, a class which basically has no magical powers they effectively just get hit in the face and hit just as hard back. It’s a pretty strong class defensively.

What defense rating is 490?

04 = 140 defense skill above the 350 cap outside of gear to remove their chance to crit you entirely. 350 + 140 = 490 defense.

How do Prot warriors heal?

It’s ignore pain + indomitable for 90% of the healing. Most of it is Ignore Pain. Each activation also heals something like 8% max HP from the rage spent. As long as damage is cycling through the shields faster than you’re dumping into it you get full value in effective healing.

How much is resil defense?

You can mix and match defense and resilience to reach that 5.6%. Defense however is better overall because it provides you with avoidance to become uncrushable as well. Resilience is usually only considered by feral druids since they can’t block or parry, making defense less attractive overall for them.

Do I need 490 defense?

Each point of defense beyond your base skill of 350 reduces your chance at being critically hit by 0.04%. It takes an additional 140 points of defense to become immune to critical hits from a boss mob. That means you need a total of 490 defense to do your job as a main tank.

How much resilience is Uncrushable?

You can mix and match defense and resilience to reach that 5.6%. Defense however is better overall because it provides you with avoidance to become uncrushable as well.

What is a protection warrior in World of Warcraft?

Protection Warriors are World of Warcraft’s original tank spec. Along with Protection Paladins, they are one of the two tank specs that use a shield and a one-handed weapon. Protection Warriors are the spec that most fits into the archetypal “tank” role from other RPGs and tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons.

What is the best stat for a protection warrior?

Stamina is your primary stat as a Protection Warrior, increasing total health and as a result enhancing the effects of Vengeance. Vengeance and your other abilities should be more than enough to maintain threat.

Is it fun to PvP as a protection warrior?

While PvPing as Protection Warrior can certainly be fun you might also want to try out PvPing as either Fury or Arms Warrior. Both of these specs will deal a lot more damage while being squishier. 10. 10 Nov. 2021: Removed Punish, Unstoppable Force, and Dragon Roar as optional. Made Heavy Repercussions, Impending Victory as optional talents.

Are Protection Warriors good in PUBG?

Protection Warriors have excellent mobility during encounters, and shine in fights where there are a great many adds. They also deal some of the highest damage, among all tanks, especially to multiple targets at once.