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Is pinjar movie based on true story?

Is pinjar movie based on true story?

The film is about the Hindu-Muslim problems during the partition of India and is based on a Punjabi novel of the same name, written by Amrita Pritam. Urmila Matondkar, Manoj Bajpayee and Sanjay Suri portray the lead roles….Pinjar (film)

Languages Hindi Punjabi

What is the movie pinjar about?

A woman is preparing to wed a man of her parents’ choosing when she becomes the innocent victim of an unresolved feud between families, and is abducted and held captive by a young Muslim who is an enemy of her father.Pinjar / Film synopsis

Where was pinjar movie shot?

The film has been shot in the village of Shriganganagar in Rajasthan to give it a real earthy feel of the old Punjab. The film is slated for an October 2003 release.

Is pinjar a good movie?

Pinjar is a genuinely good film, with great acting, good narrative, good presentation, touching emotions, etc. It seems to me that the quality of films that Bollywood is producing is quite improving these days, and this film is one evidence.

What does Pinjar mean in English?

Pinjar was a Punjabi novel written by Amirita Pritam and a Hindi film based on that novel. In Punjabi, Pinjar means Skeleton.

Who is Puro betrothed to?

Puro is betrothed to Ramprasad and is dreaming of her wedding and a future happy married life, when she gets kidnapped by Rashid to settle an old family score. Shocked and bewildered, yet brave, Puro manages to escape and returns home.

Who translated pinjar into English language?

Khushwant Singh
Pinjar (novel)

Author Amrita Pritam
Translator Khushwant Singh (in English) Denis Matringe (in French)
Country India
Language Punjabi
Genre Social

What is the significance of the title Pinjar?

The title Pinjar (which means skeleton) is connected with the idea of devaluing women and reducing them to mere objects of men’s pleasure.

What is the most famous character from the book Pinjar?

Main characters

  • Lajo.
  • Trilok.
  • Rajjo.
  • Tara (Puro’s Mother)
  • Mohanlal (Puro’s Father)
  • Shyamlal (Ramchand’s Father)
  • Pagali.
  • Javed.

What does pinjar mean in English?

What is the most famous character from the book pinjar?

Who kidnapped Puro?

Puro, a Hindu girl betrothed with a neighbouring village Hindu boy, Ramchand. Puro, the girl, haunted to see Ramchand, the husband. But unfortunately she became the victim of partition and kidnapped by Rashid. Rashid, a Muslim by religion who secretly loves Puro one day finds opportunity, abducts her and marries.