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Is Pench national park worth visiting?

Is Pench national park worth visiting?

Whenever travellers think of visiting Pench National Park, the very first thing that might come to their mind is probably the best time to visit. Attached to both Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, the tourist attraction takes something good from here and there.

Is there a Taj in Tadoba?

Svasara is the only resort located at the quieter (less nonsense) Kolara Gate which is not as commercial and crowded as the Moharli gate of the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. There’s also a new Taj Property due to come up here in sometime. It’s a very well designed, luxurious and modern looking new hotel.

How do I book jungle safari with Pench?

For Pench Online Safari Booking you can contact +91-9212777223, or fill the detailed safari booking form below. Pench National Park offers Jeep & Canter online safari booking for core & buffer zones which are divided into 7 zones. Tourists can book morning & evening jungle safaris.

How do I get to Pench National Park?

You can go by road from Jabalpur or Nagpur and reach Pench in three to four hours. Another option is to go via Bhopal which is approximately 500 km from Pench or Kanha. Nearest bus stand to Pench is Khawasa or Seoni and hourly buses are available from Nagpur.

How many days are enough for Pench?

An ideal Pench itinerary should be 3 nights and 4 days long. Day 1: Reach the hotel and relax. Explore the nature around you. In the evening, head out on a safari.

Which is better Tadoba or Pench?

In general, Pench located in Seoni and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh is considered better for birding and spotting leopards, while visiting Tadoba’s core area in Chandrapur district of Maharashtra pretty much guarantees tiger sightings.

Which is the best safari in India?

Experience the Best Wildlife Safari in India

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  5. Kanha National Park. Image Source:
  6. Pench National Park. Image Source:
  7. Satpura National Park. Image Source:
  8. Sasan-Gir Wildlife Sanctuary.

What is cost of Pench safari booking?

Pench Safari Tariff for REGULAR SAFARI: (Maharastra) Online Booking Charges: 480 (440 during weekdays) plus 35 online portal fees, Rs 90 Entry charges = Rs605. Gypsy Charges to be Paid at the gate: Rs.2000. Mandatory Guide Charges to be paid at the gate: Rs.300. TOTAL = RS 2905 Per Safari Per Gypsy for Max 6 people.

What is the cost of safari in Pench?

With two water bodies, sighting leopard, jackal, wolves, tigers, or nocturnal birds is more. The approximate entry fee is INR 1,550 for jeep entry (maximum six people), INR 360 for guide, and INR 2,000 for the vehicle. Only three vehicles are allowed to enter the zone for night safari.

How many tigers are in Pench National Park?

As per many experts, this area is considered one of the most prime and critical tiger habitat remaining in central India. As of May 2017, the number of tigers in Pench Tiger Reserve has increased up to 44 as compared to 31 in 2016. From this numbered estimate, 22 are males and 22 are females.

How is the road from Nagpur to Pench?

The roads are simply amazing with moderate traffic flow. However, one has to be on the constant lookout for animals roaming on the highway. Looking beyond that the road has many snack joints along the way to Pench National Park. The roads are wide enough to maintain higher speeds and overtake without much effort.

What is the best time to visit Tadoba National Park?


  • What To Expect:Park is open from October 15 till June 30. Best time to spot tigers is in peak summer around May.
  • Things You’ll Love:Going on jeep safaris, exploring the jungle and chasing glorious sunsets over the water bodies here.