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Is Paul Costelloe good brand?

Is Paul Costelloe good brand?

Whatever your taste, the Paul Costelloe Bags range is renowned for excellent quality and value, and you can relax in the knowledge that you have chosen a brand proud of its heritage, true to its past and passionate about its future.

Who owns Paul Costelloe?

Fashion designer, Mr Paul Costelloe has sold his designer business to an international silk supplying company, which will introduce its new brands to Europe and the US. He will remain on as design director. Silk Industries paid nearly £1.25 million for the business and the brand name.

Is Paul Costelloe high end?

Founded back in 1979, Paul Costelloe has been a leader in the use of hand-crafted, luxurious fabrics combined with cutting edge design, innovation and creativity.

Where are Paul Costelloe bags made?

These include his sampling unit in central London as well as working with a family owned manufacturing unit in the Ancona region of central Italy.

How old is Paul Costelloe?

76 years (June 23, 1945)Paul Costelloe / Age

Is Paul Costelloe Irish?

Paul Costelloe is one of the most established names in the British and Irish fashion industry. The Irish-American designer has travelled all over the world with his work, and has dominated the catwalks with his eclectic style for over five decades.

What is the famous brand of bags?

When it comes to designer handbags, fashionistas would agree that the top three brands that come to mind are Hermes, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton.

Where are Paul Costelloe clothes made?

What made Paul Costelloe famous?

Paul Costelloe’s preeminent collection of beautiful clothing, has run strongly and steadily from the doors of the Costelloe family studios, over the past 30 years; created by the Irish-born designer, who saw art as his most valued skill, he has grown the brand into a established and respected name.

Who is Paul Costelloe married to?

Anne CooperPaul Costelloe / Spouse (m. 1979)