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Is Parc de Princes the same as Stade de France?

Is Parc de Princes the same as Stade de France?

Before the opening of the Stade de France in 1998, it was also the home of the French national football and rugby union teams….Parc des Princes.

Public transit Porte de Saint-Cloud
Operator Paris Saint-Germain
Capacity 47,929
Record attendance 50,370 (Rugby: France vs Wales, 18 February 1989)

How do I get tickets to PSG?

PSG E-Ticket / M-Ticket Both E-Tickets and M-Tickets are available for download through the ticket-holder’s account 2 days before the date of the match. In order to access the stadium you will need a printout of your E-Ticket or a copy of your M-Ticket on your smartphone.

Can you visit the Parc des Princes?

The Parc des Princes is open to visitors! Come and walk in the footsteps of your favorite players.

How can I attend PSG games?

Tickets for PSG games can be bought online, by phone 32 75, or at the PSG service point at Parc des Princes.

Who owns Stade France?

Consortium Stade de France
On 12 July 1998, France defeated Brazil 3–0 in the 1998 FIFA World Cup Final contested at the stadium. It will host the athletics events at the 2024 Summer Olympics….Stade de France.

Public transit Saint-Denis – Porte de Paris Stade de France – Saint-Denis La Plaine – Stade de France
Owner Consortium Stade de France

Is Parc des Princes covered?

1 answer. The parc des Princes is sorrounded by 4 covered all- seats stands ,that means the front seats are more open and the fans feel more the rain but you enjoy watching your favorite players on the first 5 rows, that’s the point , ENJOY THE GAME!!

What time does Parc des Princes open?

Stadium Tour is open on weekends from 10am to 5pm (last tour departure). Please note the Stadium Tour is closed on match days and opens at noon the day after a game. It is closed during school breaks.

Are PSG tickets hard to get?

Are psg tickets hard to get? They are harder to get for league games, but are usually available. Last year when PSG played Basel in the champion’s league, tickets were available on game day. It will be really harder this season.

Is it hard to get PSG tickets?

Getting PSG tickets is not an easy task, but luckily it is possible to get good tickets before arriving in the city or even once in Paris. Gastronomos for instance has 2 private chairs available to its clients and an agreement with Paris Saint-Germain to secure additional seats if needed.