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Is nullptr same as null?

Is nullptr same as null?

Nullptr vs NULL NULL is 0 (zero) i.e. integer constant zero with C-style typecast to void* , while nullptr is prvalue of type nullptr_t , which is an integer literal that evaluates to zero.

What is the value of nullptr?

The nullptr keyword represents a null pointer value. Use a null pointer value to indicate that an object handle, interior pointer, or native pointer type does not point to an object.

Can null and nullptr be used interchangeably?

In pre-standard code, NULL was/is sometimes defined to something unsuitable and therefore had/has to be avoided. That’s less common these days. If you have to name the null pointer, call it nullptr; that’s what it’s called in C++11.

Is nullptr a literal?

As nullptr is an integer literal with value zero, you can not able to use its address which we accomplished by deleting & operator.

What happens if you delete a nullptr?

In c++03 it is pretty clear that deleting a null pointer has no effect. Indeed, it is explicitly stated in ยง5.3. 5/2 that: In either alternative, if the value of the operand of delete is the null pointer the operation has no effect.

Is nullptr false?

It is non-zero, it’s true. A null pointer is zero, and so evaluates to false.

Where is nullptr defined C?

The C standard requires that NULL be defined in locale. h , stddef. h , stdio. h , stdlib.

What is nullptr type?

std::nullptr_t is the type of the null pointer literal, nullptr. It is a distinct type that is not itself a pointer type or a pointer to member type. Its values are null pointer constants (see NULL), and may be implicitly converted to any pointer and pointer to member type.

What can I use instead of null in C++?

Instead of NULL , they use nullptr , a new keyword introduced in C++11.

  1. Like NULL , nullptr implicitly converts to T* for any type T .
  2. Unlike NULL , nullptr is not an integer so it cannot call the wrong overload.
  3. Unlike NULL , nullptr has its own type, nullptr_t , so the compiler makes correct type deductions.

Does nullptr evaluate to false?

A zero value, null pointer value, or null member pointer value is converted to false; any other value is converted to true.

Should I delete a Nullptr?

Do you need to delete a Nullptr?

[16.8] Do I need to check for NULL before delete p? No! The C++ language guarantees that delete p will do nothing if p is equal to NULL. Since you might get the test backwards, and since most testing methodologies force you to explicitly test every branch point, you should not put in the redundant if test.