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Is Nintex form free?

Is Nintex form free?

Try Nintex free for 30 days. Free trial – no credit cards, fees, or obligations.

How do I create a Nintex form in Office 365?

Create column in Nintex forms designer Open your SharePoint online office 365 site in the browser, then navigate to the particular list. For this particular example, I am opening my existing list. From the Ribbon click on Nintex Forms button which will open the Nintex forms designer.

What is a Nintex form?

Nintex Forms are a Microsoft SharePoint tool primarily used for collecting and validating user input into SharePoint lists and Nintex Workflows. The Software Development Kit (SDK) will look at the purpose of the forms, how forms are designed, stored, and rendered in SharePoint.

Where are Nintex forms stored?

the SharePoint list
When you say where do they go, the forms gets stored within the configuration on the SharePoint list. If you are creating a form and saving it, you should be able to see those changes.

Who owns nintex?

Nintex Global LtdNintex USA, Inc. / Parent organization

What does nintex cost?

Pricing and Plans Nintex Workflow Cloud (which can be bought through partner vendors(Opens in a new window) or from Nintex directly) begins at $625 per month for the Standard edition.

How do I use Nintex Forms In SharePoint Online?

Select App from the options as shown below and then App window will be shown. Search for “nintex” in Apps and select “Nintex Forms for Office 365” as shown in the below highlighted image. After that the below trust dialog will be opened as shown below. Click on “Trust it” button.

How do I enable Nintex Forms In SharePoint Online?

  1. Navigate to the Site Collection home page.
  2. Click the Settings Icon , and select Site Settings.
  3. In the Site Collection Administration group, click Site collection features.
  4. In the Nintex Forms for SharePoint List Forms section, click the Activate button.

What is Nintex Forms and workflows?

Nintex Process Platform is the Jack-of-all-trades to for business process analysis, mining, automation, management and optimization. Dec 5, 2021. Nintex Process Platform is a very powerful, convenient, and pivotal tool that helps organizations manage, automate and optimize their business processes and workflows.

How do I recover a deleted nintex?


  1. Identify the version you would like to restore to (either using the last modified date or using the version number) and select Restore.
  2. Open the form designer for the list and re-publish the form.

How big is nintex?

Nintex Usa, Inc. has 390 total employees across all of its locations and generates $213.65 million in sales (USD).

What is nintex used for?

Nintex Workflows allow you to easily automate simple business processes and critical business wide systems without the need of code. The workflow tool can transform long winded manual processes into an efficient automated process that permits employees to spend more time doing what they are actually employed to do.