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Is Michigan Good for pheasant hunting?

Is Michigan Good for pheasant hunting?

Michigan ranks in the top tier of states in the nation for wild pheasant harvest and has many properties open for public hunting. In fact, Stewart says there are numerous state game areas that are managed specifically for pheasants.

Where can you hunt pheasant in Michigan?

Michigan Pheasant Hunting

  • Bear Creek Hunt Club. 12670 Beecher Rd., Clayton, Michigan 49235.
  • Black Water Farms, LLC. 6136 S Sullivan Rd, Nunica, Michigan 49441.
  • Cherry Creek Farm. 524 W.
  • Ciavola Ranch Shooting Preserve.
  • Colonial Farms.
  • Deer Creek Hunt Club.
  • Dundee Pheasant Farm.
  • Dunn Creek Outfitters.

Is there a pheasant season in Michigan?

The pheasant season runs October 10–31 in Zone 1 (part of the Upper Peninsula). It run October 20 – November 14 in Zones 2 and 3 (the Lower Peninsula). There’s a late season December 1 – January 1 2022 in part of Zone 3 (the core of Michigan pheasant range). Check regulations for exact boundaries.

Where are wild pheasants in Michigan?

“Idle fields and warm-season grasses adjacent to agricultural lands are prime areas to look for pheasants,” advises Stewart. “Late-season hunters should concentrate their efforts in dense grasslands adjacent to cattails and shrub wetlands near picked corn and bean fields.”

Are there any pheasants left in Michigan?

While pheasant numbers are far below the historical high levels on the 1950s and 1960s, pheasants still are widely distributed in southern Lower Michigan and in some areas of the Upper Peninsula (Belyea 1991). Some of the beast pheasant habitat is located on private lands.

What happened to the pheasant population in Michigan?

From 2011 to 2017, pheasant hunter numbers in Michigan dropped from 23,351 to 16,443 – an almost 30 percent decline in a mere six years, according to the DNR’s 2017 Small Game Harvest Survey.

Where is the pheasant capital of the world?

SOUTH DAKOTA REMAINS THE PHEASANT CAPITAL OF THE WORLD That population is significantly higher than any other state in the union, and has allowed hunters to harvest more than 1 million birds in each of the last three years, or 9.5 birds per hunter, per year.”

What is the pheasant population in Michigan?

Why are there no pheasants in Michigan?

Factors such as changes in agricultural practices, land use and the regional climate may have contributed to the pheasant decline. Areas such as southeastern Michigan, which once contained some of the best pheasant habitat in the state, have experienced extensive human development and loss of grasslands.

Where do pheasants live in Michigan?

southern Michigan
Pheasants (Phasianus colchicus) are a popular game bird associated with grasslands and agricultural areas primarily in southern Michigan.