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Is May-Britt Moser still alive?

Is May-Britt Moser still alive?

Together with Edvard Moser she established the Moser research environment at NTNU, which they lead. Since 2012 she has headed the Centre for Neural Computation….

May-Britt Moser
Children 2
Awards Louis-Jeantet Prize for Medicine (2011) Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (2014)
Scientific career

What did May-Britt discover?

May-Britt Moser, (born January 4, 1963, Fosnavåg, Norway), Norwegian neuroscientist who contributed to the discovery of grid cells in the brain and the elucidation of their role in generating a system of mental coordinates by which animals are able to navigate their environment.

What did May-Britt Moser discover?

In 2005 May-Britt Moser and Edvard I. Moser discovered a type of cell that is important for determining position close to the hippocampus, an area located in the center of the brain.

What challenges did May-Britt Moser face?

Neuroscientist May-Britt Moser persisted in a decades-long quest to understand how the brain worked at a cellular level. She persevered through a series of challenges – from a reluctant PhD advisor to the birth of two daughters – with a stubborn sense of purpose.

Who are May Britt’s Children?

Tracey Davis
Mark DavisJeff Davis
May Britt/Children

Who was May Britt married to?

Lennart Ringquistm. 1993–2017
Sammy Davis Jr.m. 1960Edwin J. Gregsonm. 1958–1959
May Britt/Spouse

Did May Britt and Sammy Davis Jr have children?

She and Davis had a daughter, Tracey (b. 5 July 1961 – d. 2 November 2020), and adopted two sons: Mark Sidney Davis (born 1960, adopted 4 June 1963) and Jeff (born 1963).

Who discovered grid cells?

Edvard I. Moser
Edvard I. Moser, (born April 27, 1962, Ålesund, Norway), Norwegian neuroscientist best known for his role in the discovery of grid cells in the brain and the identification of their function in generating spatial coordinates used by animals to navigate their environment.

Where was May Britt Moser born?

Fosnavåg, NorwayMay-Britt Moser / Place of birth

Who did May Britt married?

Where is Tracey Davis now?

Tracey Davis, an author and daughter of Rat Pack entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. and actress May Britt, has died. She was 59. Davis’ ex-husband Guy Garner told The Associated Press that Davis died in Franklin, Tennessee, on Nov.