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Is magic loop the same as magic circle?

Is magic loop the same as magic circle?

This method, which is also called the magic ring or magic loop, is great for amigurumi projects. It’s also helpful for starting other patterns that start with a circle, such as a granny square. Often, projects that have a round center or starting point begin with a few chain stitches joined together to form a ring.

How do you do a single crochet magic circle?

TUTORIAL: Start Crocheting in Round with a “Magic Ring”

  1. Make a loop so the working yarn goes over the yarn end.
  2. Grab the join between your thumb and forefinger.
  3. Yarn over and draw through the loop on the hook.
  4. Pull the stitch tight.
  5. Start your first single crochet stitch.

Can you use magic loop for any pattern?

Magic Loop is an alternative to knitting on double pointed needles (DPNs), and can be used to work any pattern which calls for double pointed needles.

What size needles for magic loop?

40– to 47-inch-long
You really only need one piece of equipment to start learning Magic Loop: a 40– to 47-inch-long circular needle in a medium size, say, US size 7 or 8. You’ll also need about 50 yards of worsted-weight yarn, but you probably have some already.

How do you do a single crochet magic ring?

Why is my magic ring not closing?

My magic ring doesn’t close when I pull the tail. This is often due to not working over the yarn tail when working your stitches. Make sure that each stitch works over two strands of yarn.

How to make a crochet Magic Loop?

Yarn (I used Bernat Home Dec Yarn,a#5 weight bulky cotton blend yarn)

  • Crochet Hook (I used a J-10 6 mm for this tutorial)
  • Yarn Needle
  • How do you crochet a Magic Loop?

    If your pattern starts with a round of single crochet,you’ll only make this 1 chain.

  • If your pattern starts with a round of half double crochet,make 1 more chain for a total of 2 chains.
  • If the pattern starts with a round of double crochet stitches,make a total of 3 chains.
  • How to make a Magic Loop?

    Wrap the yarn around your index and middle fingers in an X,so that the working yarn is on top of the tail.

  • Put the hook under the top-right part of the X,and grab the other side of the X.
  • Pull it through the magic loop,and twist it to make a small loop around the hook.
  • What are the instructions for magic loops?

    Casting On Begin by casting on the required number of stitches.

  • Dividing The Stitches Divide the stitches,then pull your cable up between the centre.
  • Pull The Stitches Onto The Needles Pull the stitches onto the needles,so they are no longer on the cable.