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Is M249 good CS:GO?

Is M249 good CS:GO?

The M249 also has a faster movement speed than its other option, the Negev. It has a good fire rate of 750 RPM, which is faster than CSGO’s rifles. The M249 is the most expensive gun in the game, and definitely not worth the price. The M249 has an extremely hard to control spray pattern.

What is the best gun in CS:GO?

CSGO: The Top 15 Weapons, Ranked

  • 8 SSG 08.
  • 7 MP9.
  • 6 UMP-45.
  • 5 Desert Eagle.
  • 4 M4A1-S.
  • 3 M4A4.
  • 2 AWP.
  • 1 AK-47.

What gun has the highest DPS in CS:GO?

5 Highest-damage weapons in CS:GO

  • AWP – The gold standard of the full-buy. Nothing else could possibly top the list but the AWP.
  • AK-47 – The T-side secret weapon. Among assault riflers, the AK-47 is unmatched.
  • M4A4 – The CT staple.
  • Desert Eagle – The most bang for your buck.
  • UMP – The cheap option.

What is the strongest pistol in CS:GO?

The Desert Eagle is a beast among the best pistols in CS:GO. It’s deadly accurate as long as you counter strafe or crouch appropriately. And headshots, armored or not, are usually a kill. Two or three body shots are enough to put even a Kevlar wearing opponent down at anything closer than medium range.

Is Negev better than M249?

The Negev carries a 150-round magazine, 50 more than the M249, has a higher fire rate than the M249, and is significantly cheaper at $1700 (originally, it had the price tag of $5700), compared to the M249’s $5200 price tag. Like the M249, the weapon is heavy, has a long reload time, and has good penetration power.

What guns do pros use in CS:GO?

The Deagle is one of the most popular pistols that professional players use in competitive CS:GO.

Is the P90 good in CS:GO?

As with the PP-Bizon, the P90 is a good choice for taking down enemies with low magazine weaponry. However, unlike the Bizon, the P90 has the advantage of having a high rate of fire compared to other SMGs.

Is the Glock good CSGO?

In Global Offensive, because all weapons are able to achieve one-hit headshots against players without helmets, the Glock-18 is a good choice to spam headshots in pistol rounds.

Which is the best SMG in CSGO?

Long story short, MPs are the most accurate, MP9 being the best among them, and all the others are similar to each other and much worse than MPs. MAC-10 is generally the worst, although again, not much worse than UMP or P90. If you’re looking for a cheap CT rifle replacement, this reinforces the preference for MP9.

Is Negev real?

The IWI Negev (also known as the Negev NG-5) is a 5.56×45mm NATO light machine gun developed by Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), formerly Israel Military Industries Ltd. (IMI).

Is the M249 a good gun in CSGO?

“A strong open-area LMG, the M249 is the perfect choice for players willing to trade a slow fire rate for increased accuracy and a high ammo capacity.” The M249 is a machine gun featured in all of the Counter-Strike series.

Why is the M249 so popular?

The M249 deals high damage, able to instantly kill targets with headshots in Source and Global Offensive at close range regardless if they’re using helmets. It also has a high penetration power, allowing for suppressive fire through surfaces.

Is the M249 machine gun available to both teams?

It is available to both teams. Terrorists cannot purchase this machine gun in Assassination maps . The M249 is currently the most expensive weapon in all games in the series, at $5750 in earlier games and reduced to $5200 in Global Offensive.

What is the firing rate of the M249?

M249’s data in Counter-Strike: Source ‘ VGUI buy menu states that its firing rate is around 600 RPM. However, in-game it fires at approximately 750 RPM. This is likely due to Valve reusing the old VGUI data from Counter-Strike 1.6. In Counter-Strike 1.6 (and older betas), the ammo box was colored black, like the M249 itself.