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Is Louis Vuitton Vernis discontinued?

Is Louis Vuitton Vernis discontinued?

There’s been a big rumor flying around that Louis Vuitton’s monogram patent leather, Monogram Vernis, is being discontinued. While it’s true that there are certainly more designs being offered in smooth patent, we’re relieved to let you know that—for now—Monogram Vernis is actually here to stay!

What is LV Vernis?

Louis Vuitton Vernis pieces are first crafted from the highest quality leather and then coated to create a unique high-shine finish akin to patent leather.

What is Vernis patent leather?

SBC-Vernis. Saphir Vernis Rife Patent Leather Cleaner cleans, nourishes, protects against cracks and shines all patent leathers. Available in black and neutral. Safe to use on ladies handbags.

Is LV discontinuing monogram?

The It Bag that defined the early 2000s is officially no longer. According to WWD, Louis Vuitton is discontinuing the Takashi Murakami-designed Multicolore monogram collection that made its debut in the brand’s spring 2003 fashion show.

What is Louis Vuitton Vernis made of?

Monogram Vernis Leather: One of Louis Vuitton’s more youthful and fun offerings, monogram vernis or “varnish” is made from calfskin leather coated in a shiny patent layer. It’s totally unique among other LV bags not only in appearance but also in its durability.

What color is Vernis?

Translation of vernis à ongles – French-English dictionary pink/red nail polish.

Can you clean patent leather with alcohol?

Use a small amount of vaseline or rubbing alcohol for tough stains. Apply the vaseline or rubbing alcohol to a q-tip or paper towel and gently it rub into the stained area. Wipe the area dry after 15-20 seconds, and reapply if necessary until the stain disappears.

Is Vernis leather real leather?

A few more details, the Monogram Vernis collection is made from calfskin leather, in a series of subtle and beautiful shades, which also underline the iconic monogram canvas pattern.

Is monogram out of style?

While some traditional monogramming rules are outdated, there are so many modern ways to make this trend work today, and we can’t get enough of it. Whether your style gears toward traditional, or you’re more keen on breaking the rules, there is truly a monogram style for everyone.