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Is Limc the same as MXP?

Is Limc the same as MXP?

Milan Malpensa Airport (IATA: MXP, ICAO: LIMC) is the largest international airport in northern Italy, serving Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria, as well as the Swiss Canton of Ticino.

What code is MXP?

MXPMalpensa Airport / Code

Which terminal at Malpensa is international?

Terminal 1
Terminal 1, on the western side of the airport, is the newer terminal and handles virtually all major international flights arriving at and departing from the airport.

Can I sleep in Milan airport?

It is possible to spend the night inside the airport, as it remains open 24 hours a day, although shops close after midnight and they only begin to open after 6:00 am. Both terminals have seats with armrests, so you will have to sleep sitting down or on the floor.

How to move comfortably at Milan Malpensa Airport?

To move comfortably at the airport, consult the map of Milan Malpensa Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. You can zoom in on the different points of interest, up to discover the details of the different shops, services, and restaurants. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it easily thanks to our new maps.

How to buy the Malpensa Express train ticket?

You can buy your MALPENSA EXPRESS train ticket from, the official online store of Milan Airports. Fast, cheap and comfortable: MALPENSA EXPRESS trains connect the center of Milan with Malpensa international airport. Book two nights in Milano, the third is free! Read more

Does Wizz Air fly from Malpensa to Luton?

Following the Public Health Ministry Decree dated December 23, 2020, we inform you that today Wizz Air Airline will operate connections between Malpensa and London Luton. Read more The shops and restaurants of Malpensa await you in complete safety: find out where you can make your trip even more pleasant.