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Is Johns Hopkins CTY hard to get into?

Is Johns Hopkins CTY hard to get into?

The fact is that the Johns Hopkins CTY program is one of the most prestigious programs that students can attend. Being accepted into the CTY program is both extremely possible and extremely helpful.

When should I take the scat?

The SCAT is administered at one of three levels depending on grade:

  1. Students in grades 2–3 take the Elementary SCAT.
  2. Students in grades 4–5 take the Intermediate SCAT.
  3. And students in grades 6 and above take the Advanced SCAT.

What is CTY-level?

Advanced CTY-Level: test scores that reflect ability approximately four grade levels above the current enrolled grade. CTY-Level: test scores that reflect ability approximately two grade levels above the current enrolled grade.

What is the average SCAT score?

2. What is the difference between raw and scaled score?

Level Section Scaled Score Range
Elementary SCAT Quantitative 412-475
Verbal 401-471
Intermediate SCAT Quantitative 419-506
Verbal 405-482

What does Cty high honors mean?

Students who earn High Honors achieve CTY Advanced level in one or both test areas. Certificates are mailed to students who have achieved High Honors.

Is scat test difficult?

Often referred to as “above grade level” test because the questions in this examination are of higher grade levels of math and verbal reasoning abilities than the current grade level of the student. Considering the complexity of the exam, SCAT is extremely valuable, but at the same time, difficult to crack.

What is full score in scat?

400 to 516
SCAT Scaled Scores range from 400 to 516 depending on the level the student takes. This scaled score is based on the number of questions the student answers correctly out of the 50 scored questions in each section.

Can you retake a CTY test?

Students who test and qualify for CTY programs are not required to take additional tests to maintain their eligibility. However, students may choose to retest for one or more of the following reasons: To attempt to achieve eligibility for additional CTY programs.

What is the scat test for CTY?

Developed by CTY, the School and College Ability Test (SCAT) offers a quick, direct path to determining eligibility for CTY programs. CTY uses a three-level grading scale, designed by our experts in gifted education, to determine how your child’s score compares to that of students in higher grades.

Is the scat a timed test?

Yes, the SCAT is a timed test given to children in grades 2-12. Children will have 22 minutes per section to complete the test. If my child is in the 2nd grade, should I have them practice 4th grade materials?

What are the two sections of the scat test?

The two sections of the SCAT test are Verbal and Quantitative. The verbal section tests verbal reasoning in completing analogies, while the quantitative section tests mathematics ability to complete questions. All questions in both sections are multiple choice.

How are the scat scores scaled?

SCAT scores are scaled at different ranges depending on the test level: If you’d like a sense of what to expect on the SCAT, you can practice with these sample tests. We recommend printing out a copy of the appropriate test level and setting a five-minute time limit per sections.