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Is iTunes Match discontinued?

Is iTunes Match discontinued?

The first thing to understand is that Apple is no longer using the name “iTunes Match,” at least within iTunes. iTunes Match is now part of the iCloud Music Library, which includes the following: Purchased tracks (previously called iTunes in the Cloud)

How do I find artist info on Apple Music?

Tap Request Artist Access, and copy and paste your iTunes Store artist page link to search. To find the link to your artist page, input your artist name in the search field. Select one of your albums to ensure you are claiming the correct page. Choose your role, then fill out the requested application fields.

Can you see artist stats on Apple Music?

Get insights about the artists and albums you listen to the most. Scroll down to see how many artists you listened to so far this year, and the hours you spent listening to them. You can also see the top 10 albums you listened to so far, with play counts for each album.

Is iTunes Match still worth?

For those users, Match makes much more financial sense: iTunes Match is just $24.99/year, while an Apple Music subscription runs you $119.88/year. If streaming services don’t appeal to you, but having on-the-go access to your local music library does, iTunes Match appears to be a good alternative option.

Does iTunes Match backup your music?

iTunes Match is not a backup service. Whilst it is true that you would be able to redownload your library from iTunes Match, it does not replace a good backup on an external hard drive. The music on your hard drive is not altered by iTunes Match unless you opt to remove the original and download load a matched version.

Can Apple Music artists see who listens to their music?

Artists can find out where listeners discover their music, including the names of the playlists. Furthermore, they can see the demographics of their top listeners along with a global view. The platform geotargets data from all 115 countries where Apple Music and iTunes operate.

How much does Apple Music pay artists per stream?

Even though Apple Music clearly pays more per stream than the majority of their competitors, they are still pretty far away from those $0.01. On average across all countries, Apple Music pays $0.00599265 per stream.

How do you see how many listeners a song has on Apple Music?

2. Choose which activity to trend. Use the left-hand menu to choose Plays, Listeners, Shazams, Song Purchases, Album Purchases, or Video Views. Note, when filtering by listeners, you can see your daily unique listeners for the selected time frame by hovering over the graph’s trend line.

How do I find my Apple Music Stats 2019?

How do you use Apple Music Replay and see your 2019 stats? Apple Music Replay is a new feature which allows Apple Music users to get access to all of their most played stats. To use it all you have to do is visit the Apple Music Replay website, sign in to your Apple account and click “Get Your Replay Mix”.

What is the point of iTunes Match?

iTunes Match is a subscription service that allows you to add your music to the iCloud music library so that you can access your music across your devices in addition to iTunes purchases. Apple Music allows you to access the Apple Music catalog and includes iTunes Match features..

Is Apple Music and iTunes Match the same?

iTunes Match is officially part of an Apple Music subscription and is there known as ‌iCloud‌ Music Library. iTunes Match allows users to upload songs and make them available across all of their devices.