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Is it worth buying a new Huawei phone?

Is it worth buying a new Huawei phone?

The best Huawei phones are also some of the best camera phones on the market. They’re stylish, powerful, but come with a massive caveat. Since a trade ban from the US government, the latest Huawei phones can’t run Google Mobile Services and don’t even have the Google Play Store.

What’s the latest Huawei phone 2021?

The company’s latest flagships like the Huawei P50 and Huawei P50 Pro aren’t available in many regions, despite launching in China back in August 2021. However, the P50 Pro is starting to be more widely available which is why it now features on our list.

Which Huawei phone is better?

The Huawei P40 Pro should be the best handset Huawei has ever made. After all, it’s an upgrade on the Huawei P30 Pro in most ways, with a superb quad-lens camera, phenomenal life from its 4,200mAh battery, and a stylish design, with curved glass on all four front edges.

What’s the newest Huawei phone 2022?

Huawei P smart 2022 Specifications (Unofficial)

launch date October 31, 2022 (Expected)
brand Huawei
model P smart 2022
operating system Android v11
sim slots Dual SIM, GSM+GSM

Why you shouldn’t buy Huawei phones?

Tech journalists claimed that there was no solid evidence that Huawei and other Chinese brands employ any hidden and malicious privacy invasion. But more recently, Huawei devices have taken the center stage in cyberattacks and European country’s cybersecurity reports and concerns.

Can new Huawei use Google?

There’s just one (rather big) catch: like many other modern Huawei smartphones, it doesn’t have access to Google Mobile Services. That means no Play store, no Google Maps, no Google search. You get the picture. The sanctions imposed by the Donald Trump administration on Huawei have continued under Joe Biden.

Is Huawei good without Google?

Conclusion. So yes, I’ll say it again because it’s true and I’m not denying it: Huawei works without Google. I haven’t encountered any insurmountable obstacles, except for using Google Pay or Google Maps, which remains impossible.

What does Huawei have instead of Google?

We would rather work with Android but if it doesn’t happen in the future we have an alternative in place which we think will delight our customers.” That alternative is called HarmonyOS, a multi-platform operating system announced at Huawei Developers Conference in August 2019.

How long can Huawei phone last?

Well from my experience using Huawei phones from Mate 7 era I can say that they have maximum life of 2 years. The most common problem they start to have are failing battery ( It will shutdown the phone once battery is less then 50% which happens in matter of minutes ) and screen getting spots in different areas.