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Is it OK to only have one guinea pig?

Is it OK to only have one guinea pig?

We recommend keeping your guinea pigs in pairs because they are social animals that always prefer to live in groups. Several males living together without females can sometimes be problematic, but they almost always have a friendly temperament. If you can only have one, you will need to become the company it craves.

Does my guinea pig Need a friend?

Guinea pigs are a social species and need to be kept with other guinea pigs. In their natural habitat, they live in herds and communicate frequently with each other with sounds and body movements. Your guinea pigs should be kept in groups of at least two individuals.

What happens if a guinea pig is alone?

A guinea pig left alone tends to be more fearful and skittish, and may be more prone to depression than one with a companion in the cage. A lonely guinea pig may cry out for attention or develop annoying habits like rattling water bottles or chewing on cage bars.

Is it better to have 1 guinea pig or 2?

Guinea Pigs Should Always Be Adopted as a Pair It isn’t healthy for them to be alone—they need a companion of their own species they can “talk,” play, and cuddle with. Companionship is so vital to their well-being that Switzerland has made it illegal to keep only one.

Are guinea pigs better alone or in pairs?

Guinea pigs are very sociable creatures and need to live in pairs or small groups, as they would in the wild. We recommend always having two or more guinea pigs together, with safe introductions to keep them happy.

What do you do if you only have one guinea pig left?

A solitary guinea pig should NEVER be kept outdoors. If your guinea pig still seems unhappy or you can’t give them the attention they need to thrive, it is better that you find them a good home with another guinea pig. Try contacting your local rescue centre and they should be able to help you.

Why you shouldn’t get a guinea pig?

Your fluffy pet will become bald and scabby overnight and become prone to seizures. Five: their teeth are another hazard – if they get too long, they can grow together and the guinea pig will starve to death. Six: guinea pigs get stressed. Loud noises and other animals scare them.

What pets do guinea pigs get along with?

Although guinea pigs are very social animals, they don’t get along well with other pets. Dogs, cats, ferrets, or rabbits combined with guinea pigs are not a good idea. The best companion for a guinea pig is another guinea pig.

Are guinea pigs loud at night?

Anyone who has tried to sleep in the same room as a guinea pig cage knows that the little rodents can be noisemakers at night. While you may not be able to get them to match your sleep schedule, you can take a few steps to minimize their activity during the overnight hours.

How do you entertain a single guinea pig?

DIY Guinea Pig Toys

  1. Create paper bags that your guinea pig can hide in.
  2. Crumple up a paper into a ball and let the guinea play when it gets out of the cage.
  3. Use an old sock stuffed with clean animal bedding material.
  4. Tennis and ping pong balls are easy ways to keep your guinea up and running around the cage.