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Is it OK to call someone out of the blue?

Is it OK to call someone out of the blue?

When something happens out of the blue, it is a complete surprise. If you get a phone call out of the blue from an old friend, it’s utterly unexpected. Use the phrase out of the blue when you need a casual way to describe something that surprises you and possibly seems to come from nowhere.

What is the blue phone icon on Android?

The icon that displays a blue circle with diagonal line through it and a blue “A” in front of it in the Phone app’s Log tab appears when the user receives a call but the caller has been added to the reject list from the Contacts app.

What do the symbols mean on call log?

Outgoing call you made: An orange arrow points to the number. Incoming call you received: A green arrow points away from the number. Incoming call you missed: A red phone silhouette with a broken arrow. Incoming call you ignored: A blue slash sign is next to the phone number.

What is a red call?

There are, it’s said, a set of telephone numbers from which you should never answer any calls. They’re called red numbers — and although no one knows who owns them, it’s not hard to see how they got their name.

What does it mean to call someone blue?

Be depressed or sad, as in I was really feeling blue after she told me she was leaving.

Why is it called out of the blue?

The phrase out of the blue means without warning, completely unexpectedly. It is from a bolt out of, also from, the blue, denoting a sudden and unexpected event, a complete surprise, with reference to the unlikelihood of a thunderbolt coming from a clear blue sky.

What is the blue person icon on my phone?

That represents the user defined as owner in your phone (you). This sort of thing is where the line between smartphones and computers starts to blur.

What do the call symbols mean on an Android phone?

Call Status Icons An arrow facing down and to the left indicates and inbound call was logged. The color of an arrow indicates the status of a logged call. A green arrow indicates a call was connected to the Prospect or a Prospect’s voicemail. A red arrow indicates a call was missed.

What is the symbol for call?

This one is one of the most known iconic signs….✆☎☏📱 Phone symbol.


What are RTT phone calls?

Real-time text (RTT) lets you use text to communicate during a phone call. RTT works with TTY and doesn’t require any additional accessories. Important: The information in this article might not apply to all devices.

What is a ghost phone call?

Ghost call just fakes an incoming call, and doesn’t show caller id, call alerts, call recording , after call screen like a real call.

Does red mean missed call?

Missed calls (red) Calls that you’ve answered (blue) Outgoing calls (green)