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Is ISB Mohali good for MBA?

Is ISB Mohali good for MBA?

Financial Times ranks ISB at 24th in its Global MBA Ranking 2019. With a Global Ranking of 24th, ISB Hyderabad and ISB Mohali rank as the best Management School in India. After ISB, the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore is the second Business School to rank in the Top 50 MBA Ranking at 33rd position.

What is the fees of ISB Mohali?

The tuition fee for the programme for academic year 2022-23 is ₹ 41,98,000 (plus GST).

Which is better ISB Mohali or Hyderabad?

Our verdict on the matter is that ISB has excelled at enforcing its ‘One School, Two Campuses’ policy, and that there indeed is no considerable difference between ISB Hyderabad and Mohali.

Is MBA from ISB better than IIM?

ISB is better than IIM-A but the problem is that for ISB you need a minimum of 5-year pre-MBA experience and the program is for 1 year however for IIM-A there are no such criteria. IIM-A has both regular 2-year program and also 1-year executive program.

Is it easy to get into ISB Mohali?

Getting into ISB is not easy until you have a clear application strategy. With thousands of applications received by ISB every year and a low acceptance rate makes the ISB PGP admissions highly competitive. ISB selected merely 690 candidates for the ISB PGP class of 2021.

Is ISB Mohali and Hyderabad same?

ISB maintains a “One School Two Campuses” philosophy and maintains that the class experience is very similar (if not the same) at both its campuses. As ISB alumni coming from both Hyderabad and Mohali campuses, we agree that the experience is indeed very similar. However, certain differences also remain.

Is ISB expensive?

It is justified only and only if the person wants a change in a role/industry/domain on graduation. ISB is also extremely expensive for this guy. Although ISB is only 1 year it costs close to 35 Lacs + he loses 14 lacs (plus variable pay) = almost 0.5 crores to do a MBA!

Is ISB worth the money?

Definitely worth it. If ROI is the question > Remember that in the long run nothing comes close to ISB or IIMs in India. Then you recover your fees in two years which is a pretty good deal. Your career spans for 20–25 years.

How are placements at ISB Mohali?

ISB Mohali Year-wise Placement Trends The average CTC has significantly increased over the past few years. The average CTC during the 2020 placement drive stood at INR. 25.71 LPA while during the 2021 placements it increased by 8.2% and stood at INR 28.29 LPA.

Is ISB MBA 2 years?

ISB Hyderabad or IIM (for executives) or IIM PGP (2 years) ISB’s one year PGP program faces tough competition from IIM’s top one year program for executives, like PGPX, EPGP. This is because both have made their way to the FT global MBA rankings.

Does ISB consider CAT score?

The Indian School of Business, Hyderabad, has decided to accept Common Admission Test (CAT) and Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores from candidates seeking admission to its one-year post graduate programme in management.