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Is Holly Petraeus still married to General Petraeus?

Is Holly Petraeus still married to General Petraeus?

She retired on January 12, 2017. Her work at the CFPB centered around educating service members on sound financial management and protecting them against predatory lending and cons. She is the wife of retired General David Howell Petraeus.

Who replaced Petraeus?

David Petraeus
Deputy Michael Morell
Preceded by Leon Panetta
Succeeded by John Brennan
Commander of the International Security Assistance Force

Was General Petraeus wounded?

They then airlifted him to Blanchfield Army Community Hospital where doctors were forced to tend to his wounds without anesthesia. He was later rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for more care. Despite having been shot, Petraeus couldn’t just languish in the hospital for months at a time.

Is Petraeus a 4 star general?

Petraeus attained the rank of four-star general.

Is Paula Broadwell married?

Marriage and family Scott Broadwell, an interventional radiologist who graduated from George Washington University School of Medicine in 1996. They resided in Charlotte, North Carolina, and have two sons. The couple met in 2000, when they were both active duty U.S. Army captains.

Who is Petraeus wife?

Holly PetraeusDavid H. Petraeus / Wife (m. 1974)

How old is Paula Broadwell?

49 years (November 9, 1972)Paula Broadwell / Age

Did General Petraeus serve in Vietnam?

‘The most important lesson I learned’: Fmr. Gen. David Petraeus on the Vietnam War, Iraq and Afghanistan. Hailed as one of the great battle captains of our time, Gen.

Do generals get free housing?

Unlike top civilians in government, top generals also receive free housing and subsidies for food and uniforms. And when they retire, those who have served at least 40 years get an annual pension that is slightly more than active-duty base pay — this year it is $236,650.

How old is General Petraeus?

69 years (November 7, 1952)David H. Petraeus / Age

How old is David Petraeus?

What kind of name is Petraeus?

Petraeus, from Latin growing with rocks, is a species name. It may be found in the Latin name of the following species: Cancer petraeus, a crab species that lives in the Indo-Pacific, from Hawaii to the Red Sea and South Africa.