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Is High School Story free?

Is High School Story free?

PLEASE NOTE: High School Story is completely free to play, but some game items can also be purchased for real money.

Can you play High School Story online?

You have full control of how you want your story to play out! Play High School Story online now and live the life you always wanted during your high school years. Your story, your choices.

What happened to High School Story?

This summer, we’ve decided to close the book on this chapter of our Pixelberry story. To all of you who stuck with us, thank you for playing! HSS was the first game I ever worked as a Designer on, and it’ll always hold an incredibly special place in my heart.

Is High School Story finished?

High School Story will release its finale quest two weeks from now, on June 18th, alongside a final update in the following weeks. We’ll be sad to say goodbye, but we hope you’ll tune into this last quest with all your friends — Autumn, Julian, Payton, Wes, Mia, and so many more classmates.

How do I download high school dreams?

To download high School Dreams, simply press the download button. Your download will start shortly after and the time to download may vary depending on your download speed and traffic on our client. Now the download button will be replaced with a Play button.

How many levels does high school story have?

Split into three « Books » composed of fifteen chapters each, the story focuses on a new character created by the player who transfers to Berry High.

How many levels of high school story are there?

Split into three “Books” composed of fifteen chapters each, the story focuses on a new character created by the player who transfers to Berry High. Alongside original characters, Julian, Payton, Mia, Autumn, Koh, Sakura, Ezra, Nishan, Kara, Max and Wes appear in these Books, as does Hearst High as the rival school.

Can you get Kara in High School Story?

Kara, a character in the High School Story series, was a student at Hearst High. She graduated at the end of Book 3. She makes her official appearance in Book 1, Chapter 9. Your Character is able to meet her in Chapter 4, if you go to the diner with Michael.

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Where can I watch high school dreams?

Streaming on Roku. High School Dreams, a comedy movie starring Lee Jee-hoon, Kim Jee-Young, and Jeon Hye-bin is available to stream now. Watch it on AsianCrush, Midnight Pulp or Cinehouse – Stream Your Niche on your Roku device.