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Is Gintama stronger than Katsura?

Is Gintama stronger than Katsura?

It is shown that Gintoki, Katsura and Takasugi are mostly equal in strength and are highly-skilled samurai with wits on their side. It is implied that Katsura is slightly stronger.

Are Katsura and Takasugi friends?

Katsura Kotarou: Katsura and Takasugi were friends since they were little.

Does Gintoki beat Takasugi?

Takasugi said no but he realized that he was weak and there were stronger people; at the very least, he wanted to find a way to defeat them (Shouyou and Gintoki). The next time Takasugi challenged Gintoki, he finally defeated the silver-haired kid.

Why is Takasugi so popular?

Gintama fans were exceptionally fond of Takasugi. Despite him often being up against Gintoki, fans loved him for various reasons. Even if he was evil— or at least had unpopular aspirations— he was often kind, caring, and funny.

Who is the strongest Shinsengumi in Gintama?

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Shinpachi mentioned that Sougo is a genius swordsman and the strongest in Shinsengumi. He has shown incredible strength with his sword during the Rokkaku Arc, eradicating many Jouishishi members while deflecting sniper bullets with only two swords.

Who can defeat Gintoki?

Everyone has a deep past and story, and they’re all just trying to take each day at a time, often delivering really cool, stoic lines to those in need. And, out of all of Watanabe’s characters, the closest one to match Gin’s skills for a good fight would be none other than his greasy samurai, Mugen.

Is Takasugi a villain?

Type of Villain He was the leader of the Kiheitai, an extremist group which he resurrected from the Joui Wars. The Kiheitai is a Joui faction bent on causing world destruction. He was originally the main antagonist of the series until Utsuro upstages him, later Takasugi also becomes Gintoki’s ally again.

Is Takasugi an anti hero?

In Rakuyou arc and the first part of SSA, staying as a Byronic Hero, Takasugi switches sides and positions himself as an anti-hero. Not only is he sympathetic, but he also fights alongside the good guys in story now.

Who is stronger Takasugi and Gintoki?

2. Takasugi – 280- 280 win with gintoki. The battle between them were GINTOKI win.

Who is stronger Hijikata or?

Sougo is generally considered to be stronger than Hijikata as he’s the best swordsman in the Shinsengumi, however Gintoki beat him Excalibur arc.

Who does Katsura end up with?

Trivia. Ikumatsu’s name is the same as the historical geisha that hid Kogoro Katsura (the famous Japanese statesman whom Katsura Kotarou was based on) during the 1860s; she would later on become his wife.

Is Gintoki the strongest in Gintama?

However, Gintoki’s physical strength is still nothing to scoff at, and he is probably the strongest known human so far, strong enough to even be recognized by Kamui, one of the strongest Yato in the series.