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Is Gibson 339 a good guitar?

Is Gibson 339 a good guitar?

Final thoughts – the Gibson ES339 is a great guitar, but you pay for it. This is a superb guitar. You get the looks, style, and sound of the classic 335 but at a more manageable size. You get clean workmanship, a great set-up, and classic finishes from the Memphis Custom Shop.

What’s the difference between a Gibson 335 and 339?

The Epiphone ES-335 and ES-339 sound close enough to each other to fool most listeners in a blindfold test, but the smaller 339 has a little less acoustic resonance and a tighter, more focused midrange than the 335. Both models deliver bold, fat tones with a satisfying percussive attack that morphs into smooth sustain.

When did the Gibson 339 come out?

Move on to 2007 and out pops the ES-339 from Gibson’s Memphis Custom Shop, similar in size to the 336/346 but made from maple-faced laminate top, back and sides with a maple centre block – a mini version of an ES-335.

Who played a Gibson ES 339?

Kelly Jones
The Gibson ES-339 is a semi-hollowbody guitar which is manufactured by Gibson. The guitar is based on the Gibson ES-335, but has been reduced to the dimensions of the Gibson Les Paul….

Gibson ES-339
Kelly Jones of the Stereophonics playing a Gibson ES-339
Manufacturer Gibson
Period 2007–present

What does a Gibson 339 weigh?

Weight: 6 lbs. 15 oz. Classic semi-hollowbody sound from a solidbody-sized guitar. The ES-339 is the next generation from the Gibson Custom Shop iconic ES electric guitars. It goes where no guitar has gone before with a bold, new semi-hollow tone that is rich with expressive, even stinging, overtones.

What does a Gibson ES 339 weigh?

4.645 lbs
The ES-339 became an instant modern classic by “compacting” the iconic ES-335 body shape in a lighter, more comfortably-playing guitar, and the new 2016 rendition from Gibson Memphis is better than ever….

Weight Relief:
Average Weight (body only): 2.1069 kg / 4.645 lbs
Materials Used
Glue: Franklin Titebond 50

Is a Gibson 335 worth the money?

A good 335 is hard to beat, and will hold its value better than a lot of guitars. If you can find a used one in excellent condition, that will be an even better investment. If you’d like a little smaller version of that instrument, an ES 339 is another good choice.

What does a Gibson ES-339 weigh?

What does an Epiphone ES-339 weight?

Average Weight (body only): 2.1069 kg / 4.645 lbs
Materials Used
Glue: Franklin Titebond 50
Etc.: Maple centerblock, Spruce braces, Mahogany rim liner

Where is Epiphone ES-339?

The China-made Epiphone ES-339 PRO features classic ES-335 body lines at about three-quarters the size. It has a laminated maple body and top, like most every other guitar in the 335 universe, and a mahogany SlimTaper D-profile neck with a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard.

Where are Epiphone ES-339 guitars made?

Is the Gibson 339 a good guitar?

The 339 is a fantastic guitar. Super versatile, a workhorse! Great review, thank for sharing! I tried the AM93 an it is a fantastic cheap alternative. Great review. Right on the mark. I have a 2016 model that came factory with Burstbuckers instead of 57’ Classics. A bit less bite but still great sounding.

How good is the TonePros es 339 bridge?

The ES 339 comes with a Tonepros AVR2 tune-o-matic bridge with a locking stop bar tailpiece. The bridge and tuners are very high quality, providing the guitar with excellent tuning stability – very important for bend obsessed blues players!

What do you think of the Gibson 57 Classic pickups?

The ’57 Classics are well known pickups and drop us immediately into classic Gibson territory: thick but not over dark at the bridge, soupy and smooth at the neck and an open, twangier tone from the mix that to this writer’s ears always works better on a ES-335 than a Les Paul.