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Is Franck Ribery married?

Is Franck Ribery married?

Wahiba RibéryFranck Ribéry / Spouse (m. 2004)

Is Ribery Algerian?

Ribéry’s wife, Wahiba Ribery is a French national of Algerian descent. BREAKING: Franck Ribery is travelling to Egypt for the AFCON 2019 final. Ribéry and his family also visited the Giza Pyramids on the sidelines of their presence in Egypt to support the Desert Warriors.

What ethnicity is Ribery?

Franck Henry Pierre Ribéry (French pronunciation: ​[fʁɑ̃k ʁibeʁi]; born 7 April 1983) is a French professional footballer who plays for and captains Serie A club Salernitana.

How old is Franck Ribery?

39 years (April 7, 1983)Franck Ribéry / Age

What happened to Ribery’s face?

If you haven’t heard the story before, Ribery suffered a serious head wound in a car accident at the age of two. He was rushed to hospital and required 100 stitches after the crash in his hometown of Boulogne-sur-Mer, France.

How old is Thomas Muller?

32 years (September 13, 1989)Thomas Müller / Age

Was Ribery in a car accident?

Bayern Munich and France legend Franck Ribery has been involved in a car crash where he was immediately taken to hospital for a head injury. The 38-year-old was said to have been involved in a traffic accident where he was the passenger in one of the cars involved.

What caused Ribery scar?

CAR ACCIDENT And, at the age of two, was involved in a horror crash with a lorry, where he was rushed to hospital and received over 100 stitches. Speaking to former Leeds midfielder Olivier Dacourt on Canal+ Sport in 2018, he admitted the famous scars improved his endurance.

What happened to Joleon Lescotts head?

When he was five years old, Lescott was struck by a car outside his primary school, suffering severe head injuries leaving scarring on his forehead and hairline.

Is Thomas Müller married?

Lisa MüllerThomas Müller / Spouse (m. 2009)

How old is Ozil?

33 years (October 15, 1988)Mesut Özil / Age

What happened to Ribery head?

Former Bayern Munich star Frank Ribery was rushed to hospital with a head injury in the early hours of Sunday after being involved in a car crash, according to reports in Italy. The French international, currently playing in Serie A, was reportedly a passenger in a car when the accident took place.