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Is extraordinaire in English word?

Is extraordinaire in English word?

Extraordinaire is an adjective that means “outstanding” or “remarkable.” It is always used after the noun it describes, as in a writer extraordinaire. Extraordinaire is most commonly used to describe a person with exceptional talent.

How do you use extraordinaire in a sentence?

Extraordinaire in a Sentence 🔉

  1. That man is an extraordinaire, being someone that goes on remarkable adventures with his ludicrous amounts of cash.
  2. An extraordinaire is someone we believe to be outstanding, such as a genius, a hero, or someone else of that nature.

What is a music extraordinaire?

(ɛkstrɔrdɪnɛər ) adjective [n ADJ] If you describe someone as being, for example, a musician extraordinaire, you are saying in a slightly humorous way that you think they are an extremely good musician.

What does baker extraordinaire mean?

truly outstanding
If you know people who are truly outstanding at what they do, you might want to use extraordinaire when you talk about them. You could mention your neighbor, the cupcake baker extraordinaire, or your uncle who’s an amateur magician extraordinaire.

What does it mean par excellence?

being the best of a kind
Definition of par excellence : being the best of a kind : preeminent a chef par excellence. Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About par excellence.

What is another word for extraordinaire?

What is another word for extraordinaire?

unusual extraordinary
peculiar abnormal
unique rare
atypical anomalous
aberrant phenomenal

What is the plural of extraordinaire?

extraordinaire (plural extraordinaires) extraordinary, out of the ordinary antonym ▲ Antonym: ordinaire.

What is a synonym for extraordinaire?

Deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected. unusual. extraordinary. exceptional. singular.

How do you use par excellence?

These printing works are par excellence an example of very small units of production. That is an example of intervention par excellence. We have had an example par excellence of that today. Television is the mass media par excellence and it is the one that most people look to.

What means beyond excellent?

in the greatest degree of excellence; beyond comparison; preeminent(ly)

What is the antonym of extraordinaire?

insignificant. unpretentious. fair-to-middling.

What does par excellence mean?