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Is Dallas a good suburb in Melbourne?

Is Dallas a good suburb in Melbourne?

DALLAS ranks 220th on the list of best yielding suburbs for rental properties in VIC, posting a 3.24% return.

Where is the suburb of Dallas Melbourne?

Dallas is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 16 km north of Melbourne’s central business district.

Is Dallas Melbourne a good place to live?

“Great place to live!” Very multicultural and peaceful – neighbours have a lot of respect for each other and go out of their way to say hello or help each other out. It has a lot to offer with many great schools, public transport options and being close by to the airport and major freeways.

How many suburbs are there in Melbourne?

There are 1025 suburbs in Greater Melbourne, some without postcodes, shared or names of railways stations.

Where should I not live in Melbourne?

Frankston North and Pines Forest. The suburb, which is located south-east of the Melbourne CBD, has had whispers about its security levels for a few years now.

  • Clyde, Clyde North, and Cardinia.
  • Rockbank and Plumpton.
  • Broadmeadows.
  • Aggravated Burglaries.
  • Securing Your Home.
  • What is the richest suburb in Melbourne?

    Victoria’s 3142 postcode, which comprises Toorak and Hawksburn and sits just five kilometers south-east of Melbourne’s CBD, is home to more of Australia’s richest millionaires and billionaires than any other suburb in the country.

    Is there a Dallas in Australia?

    Dallas is a suburb of Melbourne in Victoria. It is located approximately 16kms from the capital Melbourne covering an area of 2.425 square kilometres. Dallas has a recorded population of 6810 residents and is within the Australian Eastern Daylight Time zone Australia/Melbourne.

    What LGA is Dallas?

    Dallas is in the local government area of ‘Hume’. The ‘Hume’ local government area is classified as a ‘City’. The Hume local government area includes around 15 cities, towns, villages and localities including Sunbury (pop. around 25,000), Bulla (pop.

    Is Coolaroo a safe place to live?

    Bought a completely renovated house in Coolaroo on a decent sized parcel of land in April for 530k and loving it so far. I reach the CBD in half an hour on a train or 20 minutes by car which is very close. The kids love playing in the backyard or a nearby park. The area is very safe and clean and neighbours are nice.

    Is Coolaroo a good place to live?

    THE once “undervalued” Coolaroo has been rated Australia’s best-performing affordable suburb. The former battler ‘burb heads the nation’s “cheapie” suburbs, with the strongest and most consistent price gains, according to a new CoreLogic report.

    What is the best Melbourne suburb?

    Fitzroy, Carlton and East Melbourne are the city’s most liveable suburbs, with the inner suburban haunts praised for being close to parks, shops, good schools and more. And trendy spots like Northcote, Footscray and Elwood also made Melbourne’s top 50 list, according to new liveability data.

    Where do Bogans live in Melbourne?

    If you were keen to spot a Bogan you would head to the outer suburbs and hang out in the Super Cheap Auto car park.