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Is Dabur hajmola good for health?

Is Dabur hajmola good for health?

Hajmola is a unique blend of Indian herbs, spices and edible salts that helps with your digestion when taken after a meal. These tablets can be very useful in cases of indigestion, loss of appetite and flatulence. Hajmola tablets are a great way to enjoy while staying healthy.

What are the benefits of Hajmola?

Dabur Hajmola is a tasty, fun-filled digestive tablet that enhances the digestive system. It comes in various flavours and can be regularly taken after meals. It is a mixture of traditional Indian culinary herbs, spices and edible salts that enhances digestion in the body.

Which Hajmola Flavour is best for digestion?

imli flavour Hajmola
Dabur Hajmola is a good product from Dabur India Limited it is used as digestive tablet after eating heavy meals the taste of imli flavour Hajmola is really good that tangy taste is wonderful.

Is Hajmola good for acidity?

It calms down my stomach ache without side effects. It also assists me with acid indigestion without getting rid of my stomach acid.

Is Hajmola Ayurvedic?

Description. Dabur Hajmola is a unique ayurvedic ingredient-based appetizing tablet that helps your digestion in a tasty and flavorful way.

What happens when you eat Hajmola?

Dabur Hajmola is a simple digestive tablet which is taken usually to digest food which you may be already knowing. So taking two of them in a whole day is not going to cause any adverse effect on your body.

Does Hajmola digest food?

Hajmola contains various deepan n paachan herbs which helps to stimulate your digestive fire which in turn helps in the digestion of the food taken.

Does Hajmola make you lose weight?

Yes, it reduces fat to a larger extent. have one hajmola soaked in water daily, you will lose 1 kg per day:-D.

Is Hajmola addictive?

The flavor of Hajmola is very addictive. Chewing one to two tablets is just not enough. The thought of Hajmola itself makes you salivate and crave for it. You want to pop at least 4 to 5 pieces to satiate your taste buds.

Does Hajmola cause diarrhea?

– Eating it in excess can cause stomach issues including diarrhea .

Is Hajmola ayurvedic?

Can Hajmola cause diarrhea?