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Is CZ 550 a good rifle?

Is CZ 550 a good rifle?

This rifle has been a popular choice for years with hunters and while it is far from the most ideal home defense weapon for those who fear what the future may bring it likely isn’t a bad choice for a well-stocked home arsenal.

Is the CZ 550 discontinued?

CZ “Western Series” 550 Badlands Magnum — Discontinued 2019.

Does CZ make custom rifles?

Though we don’t do custom work in-house, these custom shops have built a relationship with us and have extensive experience customizing our firearms: A family-owned business out of Louisiana, Cajun Gun Works specializes in working on CZ pistols.

What caliber is a CZ 550?

300 Winchester Magnum with a 3-round detachable magazine or . 300 Winchester Magnum, 7 mm Remington Magnum or 9.3×62mm with a 3-round fixed magazine.

Is the CZ 550 a good rifle to buy?

The action is considered as rock-solid and reliable as a Mauser 98. The action itself is very strong, making a perfect platform for the popular rimless safari cartridges: like the .375 Holland & Holland Belted Magnum, the .416 Rigby and Remington Magnum, and the .458 Winchester and .458 Lott. Today’s CZ 550 is a worthy descendant of the ZKK 602.

What is a single set trigger on a CZ 550?

The CZ 550 features a single-set trigger, which is pushed forward to achieve a lighter trigger pull, helping you make those long-range shots. In this mode, there is virtually no creep and very little overtravel. It is a feature that long-range shooters have always benefited greatly from, especially in a prone.

How do you remove the bolt from a CZ 550?

To remove the bolt from the action, a small spring-loaded tab is depressed on the rear left side of the receiver, and the bolt pulls out of the action. The CZ 550 also has a handy maroon colored cocking indicator at the rear of the bolt.

Should I buy a CZ 550 Sonoran in 270 Win?

With premium bullets, even African plains game could be confidently hunted. But it’s those Western senderos and whitetail, bean-field hunters for which the Sonoran was made. Give this rifle a long, hard look, and rethink the .270 Winchester. Even in this era of Magnum-Mania, this CZ 550 Sonoran in .270 Win. is a wonderful combination.