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Is Clayton Oliver from Echuca?

Is Clayton Oliver from Echuca?

He moved to Mooroopna from Echuca in 2015 to be closer to his school, Goulburn Valley Grammar School in Shepparton for year 12, he was then encouraged to join the Murray Bushrangers for the 2015 TAC Cup season.

How old is Clayton Oliver?

24 years (July 22, 1997)Clayton Oliver / Age

Why is Clayton called clarry?

The premiership coach joked that if anyone in the draft was better than Oliver, then he’d happily draft him too. A smart pick swap with Gold Coast gave Melbourne the pick four they needed to nab the 18-year-old called “Clarry” after keeping Sydney honest by bidding on Callum Mills.

Who is number 13 for Melbourne Demons?

Clayton Oliver
Season Highlights | 2021 | Clayton Oliver.

Where did Clayton Oliver grow up?

My name is Clayton Oliver, I am currently 23 years old and originally from Shepparton, which is situated in country Victoria. I am currently employed at the Melbourne Football Club as an AFL player, which was my dream job as a kid growing up.

How old is Touk Miller?

26 years (February 22, 1996)Touk Miller / Age

Where is Clayton Oliver born?

July 22, 1997 (age 24 years)Clayton Oliver / Born

What is Clayton Oliver nickname?

So that how’s he got here but we ask again, who is Clayton Oliver? His nickname Clarry comes from his Bushrangers days.

How tall is clayton Oliver?

6′ 2″Clayton Oliver / Height

Where did clayton Oliver Go to School?

Goulburn Valley Grammar SchoolClayton Oliver / Education

Is Sam Weideman related to Murray Weideman?

He made his AFL debut in 2016, making him a third-generation footballer, whereby he is the grandson of the Collingwood Football Club’s 1958 premiership captain, Murray Weideman, and the son of former Collingwood player, Mark Weideman.

Where did Clayton Oliver Go to School?