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Is Canon G15 still a good camera?

Is Canon G15 still a good camera?

Most of the photos in the exhibition could have easily been taken with my Canon G15 and the technical quality in many cases would have been even better. Just being able to quickly change ISO or use Auto ISO is a huge advantage….Canon G15 is an excellent camera.

Make Canon
Focal length 5.8mm
Shutter speed 1/160 sec
Aperture f/3.3
ISO 80

Does G15 have a camera?

Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 laptop comes with a Windows Hello IR camera. Blaze through games, content creation, and more with the Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 laptop. This laptop comes with an AMD Ryzen™ 9 6900HS CPU and GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti Laptop GPU. Thanks to the 4800MHz DDR5 RAM, you’ll spend much..

When did Canon G15 come out?

September 2012
Model details

Model Release date Sensor resolution, size, type
G15 September 2012 12 MP 4000 × 3000 1/1.7″ CMOS
G16 August 2013
G1 X Mark II February 2014 3:2 12,8 MP 4.352 x 2.904 4:3 13.1 MP 4.160 x 3.120 1.5″ CMOS
G7 X September 2014 20 MP 1″ BSI-CMOS

Is Canon G15 waterproof?

It is depth rated to 40m/130 feet and is fully functional with ergonomically designed and labeled controls. With this special design case, every key of inside Canon G15 can be pressed to control freely as you want. The Meikon MK-G15 Housing is ideal for outdoor and underwater photography.

Does the Asus Zephyrus G15 have a webcam?

Asus’ new ROG Zephyrus G14 and G15 feature webcams and better screens – The Verge.

Does ROG G15 have webcam?

Does G15 have anime Matrix?

Asus put the optional Anime Matrix display on the lid on the G14, but not on the G15, as well as added a reflective prismatic nanofilm layer under the array of dots on both, which shines in different colors based on the angle you’re looking at it.

Does the ROG Strix G have a camera?

Webcam and Speakers But not to worry because Asus provides a pretty good external webcam. The webcam that they offer seems to be very similar to the one we have on the Zephyrus. It has a mic, and the camera quality is not too terrible when you take a few snaps.

Does the G15 have Optimus?

Yes, Asus Zephyrus G15 2021 does feature Nvidia Advanced Optimus. The Auto iGPU mode within Armoury crate switches dynamically between Radeon and RTX 3060 depending on demand.