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Is Cambridge University good for history?

Is Cambridge University good for history?

Across centuries and continents History at Cambridge reflects the quality and breadth of interests of our expert historians and our course has been ranked among the top three of the world’s best for several years.

How do you get into Cambridge history?

What A-level subjects do I need to apply for History at Cambridge? There are no formal subject-specific requirements for admission, although most colleges will expect you to have taken History at A-level. Students have come to us having studied a whole range of subjects, from Drama to Further Maths.

What is BA history all about?

The degree program is called Bachelor of Arts in History. History is the study of the past, encompassing every dimension of human experience – social life, the economy, culture, thought and politics.

How many people apply to history and politics at Cambridge?

At a glance

UCAS code VL12
Average entry 45 Available at all Colleges
Applications/acceptances 262/66

What is Cambridge acceptance rate?

21% (2015)University of Cambridge / Acceptance rate

In a recent application year, just over 17,000 people applied to study in a college of Cambridge. Only 3,497 were accepted. That’s a mere 21% acceptance rate, which means only one out of five applicants will get into the school. University of Cambridge has approximately 21,650 enrolled this year.

How hard is it to get into history at Oxford?

More than 17,200 people were chasing 3,200 places. The application process has a daunting reputation and, for state school pupils, it can seem especially difficult. While only 7% of pupils in England and Wales are from the independent sector, they make up around 46% of Oxford’s undergraduates.

Is it hard to get into Cambridge?

In 2020, the University of Cambridge acceptance rate was 19.6% (according to data from Cambridge). That year, the university received 20,426 applications and offered places to 3,997 students. The average acceptance rate for Oxford and Cambridge combined was around 18% in 2020.

Is BA history a good degree?

FAQs. Is BA History a good course? Yes, among Arts/Humanities students, the BA History degree is quite popular. This curriculum is not only available to Arts students; it is also available to Science Stream students.

What jobs can you get with a history and politics degree?

Employers from every area of industry value history and politics graduates….Roles they’ve taken on include:

  • archivist.
  • museum curator.
  • public relations officer.
  • information analyst.
  • politician’s assistant.
  • public affair consultant.
  • social researcher.
  • conference producer.

What is the most competitive course at Cambridge?

Normally the most competitive are graduate entry medicine and architecture in most years however. Both are very small courses with a lot of applicants, and a wider range of requirements for entry too (e.g. the portfolio for architecture, work experience for medicine).