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Is burning a good movie?

Is burning a good movie?

It’s a great film, engrossing, suspenseful, and strange. Jongsu (Ah-in Yoo), the young man enraptured by the pantomime, dreams of being a writer. His favorite author is Faulkner, because—he says—every time he reads a Faulkner story, it feels like his own.

What is the meaning behind the movie burning?

“Burning,” a 2018 South Korean thriller directed by Lee Chang-dong and based on Haruki Murakami’s short story “Barn Burning,” slowly unfolds into a story about the search for meaning in life. The film chillingly reflects the young generation’s rage as a response to the sense of isolation in South Korea and beyond.

What does the ending of burning mean?

At the end, when Jong-su is stabbing Ben, he doesn’t resist; instead, he hugs him. This could be Ben’s decision that his time has come, and he’d rather die at the hands of someone of his choice. For someone as meticulous as Ben, it seems odd that he left his kill trophies in the bathroom out in the open.

Is there really a cat in burning?

The film is a thrilling crime drama about lust, loss and revenge, and it is also completely not that; it is a film in which nothing at all happens. Hae-mi, her cat, the tangerine, the burned down greenhouses are all there, and not. The tangerine is delicious, but it is not reality.

Is it worth watching burning in 2018?

Burning, the 2018 FIPRESCI Prize-winning film from South Korea, has a mysterious quality to it, and not just because this romantic drama-thriller also belongs (perhaps most of all) to the mystery genre.

Is burning a horror movie?

The Burning is a 1981 American slasher film directed by Tony Maylam, and starring Brian Matthews, Leah Ayres, Brian Backer, Larry Joshua, and Lou David. Its plot follows a summer camp caretaker who is horribly burnt from a prank gone wrong, where he seeks vengeance at a nearby summer camp years later.

Can kids watch burning?

Parents need to know that Burning is a long, slow character study in Korean with English subtitles that has strong sexual content and a bloody act of violence.

Who keeps calling Jong Su in burning?

Jong-su takes care of the cat, although, we never see the cat. But we know the cat must be there because there are deposits left in the litter tray and the food dishes are empty. Then, one day, Hae-mi calls Jong-su to tell him that she’s been stuck at the Nairobi Airport because of nearby bombings.

What happened to Haemi in burning Reddit?

We know that Ben told Jong Su that he burned a greenhouse “very near” to Jong Su and that Jong Su was certain that it didn’t happen. It supposedly happened at the same time that Hae Min disappeared. That’s a very clear indication that Ben actually did murder her.

What awards did Burning win?

Grand Bell Award for Best Film
National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting ActorBaeksang Arts Award for Best Technical Achievement in FilmAsian Film Award for Best Director

Who is the killer in the burning?

Cropsy is the main antagonist of 1981 slasher film The Burning. He was initially the alcoholic caretaker of a summer camp, Camp Blackfoot. After a prank set by a group of campers gone wrong, he was heavily burned alive and was sent to a hospital for recovery.

Is burning based on Murakami?

Burning (Korean: 버닝; RR: Beoning) is a 2018 South Korean psychological thriller film co-written, produced, and directed by Lee Chang-dong. The film is based on the short story “Barn Burning” from The Elephant Vanishes by Haruki Murakami, with elements inspired by William Faulkner’s story of the same name.

Is Burning by Lee Chang-dong a good movie?

Last modified on Thu 31 Jan 2019 15.25 EST Lee Chang-dong’s Burning is a superbly shot and sensuously scored movie, a mystery thriller about obsessive love taken from a short story by Haruki Murakamibut with something of Patricia Highsmith or maybe the kind of Ruth Rendell novel that Claude Chabrol might have filmed.

Is Burning based on a true story?

Based loosely on Haruki Murakami’s short story Barn Burning, “Burning” is Lee’s first film in eight years, and it is a bleak and almost Darwinian vision of the world, survival of the fittest laid bare in sometimes shocking brutality.

What is burning by Murakami about?

Burning review – male rage blazes a chilling trail on the Korean border Sex, envy and pyromania make for a riveting mystery in Lee Chang-dong’s masterfully crafted Murakami adaptation Mood and menace …

What did Ben and jongsu burn in the bonfire?

For Jongsu, it is the bonfire of his mother’s clothes in the backyard, one of his only clear memories from childhood. And for Ben, as he casually admits to Jongsu, almost daring Jongsu to be shocked, it’s the greenhouses he burns down in his spare time.