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Is Bruce a good hardwood floor?

Is Bruce a good hardwood floor?

Bruce is the fast-food chain of wood flooring: competent but none too exciting. Much of its solid hardwood offerings are devoted to good old domestic oak, and options with hand-scraped or distressed finishes tend to be limited.

What grade is Bruce hardwood flooring?

Curious about hardwood grades and types of wood flooring? Bruce® flooring has the answers. Our hardwood flooring offers three grades, including Select, Natural, and Rustic.

What is cabin grade hardwood?

Cabin grade flooring is considered the lowest of all the hardwood flooring grades and includes the pieces that did not make the cut to be a higher grade. It is also commonly referred to as shop grade, rustic grade or tavern grade flooring because of its rustic characteristics.

What type of wood is Bruce flooring?

Wood species refers to the type of hardwood used to make either solid or engineered hardwood flooring. With Bruce® you’ll find Oak, Hickory, Maple, Birch, Cherry and Walnut.

Is Bruce hardwood flooring made in China?

The Bruce Story is an American Story Indeed, that’s exactly what you get when you choose Bruce. We’ve been creating home flooring products right here in the United States for 100 years. Today, skilled craftsmen and women in 6 plants across the country produce our hardwood.

Is Bruce flooring made by Armstrong?

From a branding standpoint, we’re lucky to have a really strong stable of brands. We’ll have products with different positioning such as Bruce, which is our powerhouse brand. We will also continue to utilize the Armstrong Flooring brand, which has a lot of equity, for a couple of years.

What is the best grade of hardwood?

Grades are based on the amount of usable clear material in a board. The highest grade boards are FAS and Select, followed by #1 Common and #2 Common.

What does cabin wood mean?

Cabin Grade flooring is the lowest grade of flooring available on the market today. It may have bubbles, knots, open cracks, splintered edges, partial tongues, and other imperfections in the wood.

What is Bruce hardwood?

American Hardwood Floors Bruce® brand has stood for quality hardwood flooring in America for over a century. You can select from solid hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring in up to eight species.

Who owns Bruce hardwood flooring?

AIP will own the Bruce brand and all other Wood Flooring segment brands. To ensure a seamless transition for our customers, AIP will have full access to the Armstrong Flooring brand for the sale of wood products for two years after closing.

Where is Bruce hardwood manufactured?

in the USA
The Bruce Story is an American Story When something is made in the USA, what often comes to mind is quality—a trusted workforce, precision craftsmanship, premium materials. Indeed, that’s exactly what you get when you choose Bruce.

What are the 3 grades of hardwood?

We already know the three most common types of oak hardwood flooring: Select, #1 Common and #2 Common (a.k.a., rustic grade). Flooring manufacturers have their own grading standards, others may also comply with national grading rules, and some flooring styles have no grade at all — antique flooring, for example.

What is Bruce hardwood flooring made of?

All Bruce® solid hardwood is made in the USA with domestically sourced lumber. Engineered Hardwood – Plywood Core Engineered hardwood flooring with a plywood core has a layered construction, with the top and bottom layer being 100% natural wood.

Why buy Bruce hardwood floors from Dalton wholesale floors?

At Dalton Wholesale Floors, we believe that Bruce Hardwood Floors continues to be an industry leader in the hardwood flooring marketplace. That’s why we try to provide the best possible pricing on Bruce Flooring. We carry the full line of both engineered and solid Bruce hardwood flooring.

What is engineered hardwood flooring made of?

The middle core is made with layers of crisscrossing plywood that are bonded for extra strength and stability. This structure makes engineered hardwood an excellent choice for installation on any floor of the home, including basements, and over concrete subfloors and radiant heating systems.

What is solid hardwood flooring?

Solid Hardwood Solid hardwood flooring is milled from a solid piece of 100% hardwood and topped with a protective finish. These floors are valued for their long-lasting beauty and durability. While they can be sanded and refinished several times if desired, you can also enjoy a look for life.