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Is berndes cookware safe?

Is berndes cookware safe?

Yes! Cast aluminium cookware from BERNDES is ideal for people with allergies. The non-stick coating is non-toxic and does not affect the human organism at all. BERNDES pots and pans made of cast aluminium are also practically nickel-free because no nickel is added to the cast coating.

Can BERNDES go on hob?

For All Cooks & Abilities The Berndes casseroles are safe to use on all hob types. Gas.

What is berndes cookware made of?

Today, BERNDES focuses on cookware made of stainless steel, aluminium and cast aluminium. The starting point for stainless steel products is a stainless steel blank (flat disc). This is greased, placed in a hydraulic drawing press and shaped over a so-called deep-drawing die.

Who owns BERNDES?

In addition to the traditional brand BERNDES, the parent company Alluflon also owns MONETA, one of the oldest Italian cookware brands.

Where is berndes made?

Range Kleen has teamed up with BERNDES Cookware (Made in Germany) and Moneta Cookware (Made in Italy) to deliver quality, value, innovation and a heritage of caring for the consumer to the U.S. market.

How do you clean berndes cookware?

a soft sponge or dish cloth, rinse well in warm water and dry. While Berndes has superior coatings, it is always necessary to wash thoroughly between uses. Any residue left by not cleaning will create a residue barrier over the non-stick coating, leaving the pan sticky and hard to use.

Where are berndes pans made?

Berndes Cookware USA – Made in Germany.

What is Berndes cookware?

€71.95* BERNDES is your traditional German company that has stood for high-quality and sophisticated cookware since 1921. In our almost 100-year company history, we have been able to revolutionise the market for pans and pots several times.

What is a Berndes saucepan?

This is a pot with a handle and a high rim. Browse Berndes for saucepans with non-stick coating, which are particularly suitable for low-fat and gentle frying. And speaking of roasting: for larger roast and braised dishes special roasters are a practical option.

What are Berndes roasters made of?

Many roasters from Berndes are equally suitable for gas, glass ceramic, electric and induction hobs as well as for use in the oven. In many cases, they are made of high-quality cast iron with a scratch-resistant enamel coating.

Are Berndes pans oven safe?

Particularly practical: Berndes products, from the wok pan to the crepes pan and the casserole to the special pot for induction, are often even oven-safe as a practical addition. Which Berndes pots and which Berndes pans are suitable for which food preparations?