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Is an upright piano too heavy for floor?

Is an upright piano too heavy for floor?

It would be very very rare for the floor structure to be so weak that it couldn’t take that (you, standing on one foot, are at least double that!). An upright puts more load on the floor, though — but is usually placed against a wall. So shear strength shouldn’t be an issue.

Why is my upright piano so heavy?

What Causes A Piano To Be So Heavy? The combination of thick pieces of lumber, the heavy cast iron plate (sometimes called a harp), and numerous other components make the piano one of the heaviest musical instruments on the market.

Can you make a piano action heavier?

It’s easier to make the action of a grand piano heavier, you simply remove weight from the keys. Usually there are lead weights in each key and reducing that weight will increase the heaviness of the action. It will also reduce the inertia of the action which should make it feel quicker.

Is an upright piano too loud for an apartment?

Are upright pianos too loud for apartment buildings/condos? Just some thoughts on the subject if you have any. also, if anyone owns an upright piano (like a yamaha U1 or something) and you find you can get by in a condo/apartment building, please feel free to post some of your wisdom. Yes, they’re too loud.

Can a piano fall through the floor?

Pianos only fall through the floors in the projects. I’ve never heard of a piano falling through a floor. Maybe Rich G can give an example. On the second floor(wood flooring) of Cunningham’s there are many pianos, the building is also very old.

Can my house support weight of piano?

Most vertical pianos weigh between 350 and 650 pounds, grands between 500 and 1,000 pounds. A 1,000-pound concert grand weighs about the same as six average adult men. Most floors should be able to support that easily. If in doubt, consult a building engineer.

How do I make my piano action lighter?

Some techs actually glue 1 or 2 coins underneath the front of the key to make it lighter. It works quite well honestly, as i have played one of such pianos. There are ALWAYS tradeoffs. In this case, the action will have a slower response.

What is a heavy piano?

A cast-iron piano frame in a grand piano can weigh as much as 450 pounds, making it the heaviest part of the piano. Not entirely cast iron, the molding contains additional materials with the cast iron for acoustic purposes.

Can you change the action of a piano?

Many pianists believe a piano’s action or tone can’t be changed, or that the performance quality of a piano or action is determined solely by its brand. But any piano’s action can go out of regulation, become dirty and worn, suffer from neglect, or merely vary within a normal range — top-rated brands are no exceptions.

How heavy should piano keys be?

Most piano manufacturers today aim for a touchweight of around 50 grams. -Not that they often achieve it on any consistent basis, however. When you depress a key on a piano, you actually are physically lifting the hammer (felt which strikes the strings) and associated action parts, against gravity.

How do you soundproof an upright piano?

Next we would recommend putting sound proofing foam or a thick blanket behind the back of the piano as well as underneath it. This will not only mute the piano somewhat, but will significantly reduce the sound transferring through nearby walls. It also helps if the piano is standing on carpet or on top of a thick rug.

Can you dampen the sound of a piano?

You can attach acoustic foam underneath the piano or place a large ottoman under it to disperse the sound waves that are coming straight down. We’ve seen some musicians keeping music and other books on top of the piano and it definitely helps to dampen the sound.