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Is AmericasMart ever open to the public?

Is AmericasMart ever open to the public?

AmericasMart is open to the trade only. Visitors must be active members of the retail, interior design, hospitality or wholesale industries and be affiliated with a business that resells product represented in the buildings.

Is the Atlanta Apparel Mart Open?

Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Apparel, Fashion Accessories, Fine Jewelry, and Gifts Open to retailers and Shop the Mart guests. Valet parking available.

How much does it cost to attend AmericasMart?

Guests. Buyers may bring up to two (2) guests at a rate of $50 per person. Valid photo ID required. The spouse of a registered buyer in attendance will not be subject to a guest fee.

How big is AmericasMart Atlanta?

7.1 million square feet
Located in downtown Atlanta, the AmericasMart Atlanta complex contains more than 7.1 million square feet of exhibition space and is the world’s single-largest collection of wholesale home, gift and apparel showrooms.

How much does it cost to go to Atlanta Apparel Market?

A: There is no cost to attend Atlanta Market for buyers and media. Buyers may bring up to two (2) guests at a rate of $50 per person.

Can anyone shop at the Atlanta market?

Atlanta Market is open to members of the home furnishings, gift and design trades, including but not limited to retailers, buyers, interior designers, architects, specifiers, purchasing companies, film and television production buyers and event planners. Atlanta Market is not open to the general public.

What time does Atlanta Mart Open?

Atlanta Market Dates & Hours. Experience the Magic of Market. Register Today. 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

What do I need to shop at Atlanta market?

What credentials are required?

  1. Current retail business license or resale tax certificate or business registration or VAT certificate.
  2. Proof of operational business website (for retailers and distributors, the website should include products for sale and/or store locations)

How many buildings make up AmericasMart?

AMERICASMART is the largest wholesale marketplace of its kind. The 6.2 million sf, 3-building campus annually draws more than 235,000 attendees from around the globe to 25+ annual markets.

What do I need to bring to Atlanta market?

Your resale business license or local sales tax number. A schedule of desired product delivery dates. Comfortable shoes to wear while walking the showrooms.

How much does it cost to attend Atlanta Apparel Market?

How do I buy at Atlanta market?