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Is Alpha-Stim FDA approved?

Is Alpha-Stim FDA approved?

Microcurrent Electrical Therapy (MET) In addition, the FDA has classified the Alpha-Stim® M as Class II device for the treatment of acute, chronic and post-operative pain.

Does Alpha-Stim require a prescription?

In the USA, a medical practitioner will need to prescribe the Alpha-Stim Aid Device. The device is available over the counter for the rest of the world, without a prescription.

Does Alpha-Stim work for anxiety?

Proven, Lasting Results In another clinical trial, patients suffering with anxiety who used Alpha-Stim for only 5 weeks reported an average decrease in anxiety levels of 94 percent.

How much does Alpha-Stim cost?

The Alpha-Stim AID (for anxiety, depression, insomnia) costs $795; and the Alpha-Stim M (for acute, chronic, and post-traumatic pain) device is $1,195. tDCS devices can be had for less than $50, but variations can go up over $400.

Does Medicare pay for Alpha-Stim?

“Medicare will not cover the device used for the electromagnetic therapy for the treatment of wounds.

Is Alpha-Stim effective?

A previous study reported that Alpha-Stim AID significantly reduced depression from baseline to endpoint of the study [14]. Moreover, in a trial of 115 participants with primary anxiety disorder, 5 weeks of active Alpha-Stim AID 100 was shown to be more effective than sham devices in reducing depression [15].

Who can administer Alpha-Stim?

Always use 0.5Hz for earclip treatments. Who can prescribe or order the Alpha-Stim® for patients? In the USA, any practitioner who is licensed to diagnose and treat depression, anxiety, insomnia, or pain can order or dispense the Alpha-Stim®.

Can you overuse Alpha-Stim?

Can one use Alpha-Stim® too much? Can it be harmful if overused? Since the Alpha-Stim® works at a level of electricity similar to the body’s own bioelectricity, generally no harm can come from its overuse. However, prolonged ear clip treatment at higher than necessary current intensity may cause dizziness or nausea.

Does Alpha-Stim help tinnitus?

In this study, tACS had no effect on tinnitus.

How effective is Alpha-Stim?

This wearable device calms and relaxes the body by sending tiny electric currents through earclips, increasing the frequency of the soothing Alpha waves in the brain. In new trials conducted by the NHS, 63% of patients saw an improvement in anxiety symptoms, while 77 of 161 participants achieved total remission.

How many times a day can you use alpha-stim?

One treatment a day is usually sufficient. If you would like to do two treatments in one day, that is ok, too – there is no risk of overuse! Also, the benefits of Alpha-Stim are cumulative, meaning you can use it less and less over time.

Can Alpha-Stim make anxiety worse?

What are the side effect of using the Alpha-Stim®? currents higher than necessary may cause dizziness or nausea that can last for hours to days. Treatment immediately prior to going to sleep may cause difficulty sleeping. Paradoxical reactions such as increased anxiety, and sleep disturbances may occur, but are rare.