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Is Alex dead in LOST?

Is Alex dead in LOST?

While with the Others, Alex helped the survivors on several occasions. Less than a week after reuniting with her mother at age 16, Alex was executed in front of Ben by Martin Keamy, a mercenary employed by Ben’s rival Charles Widmore.

Why did Ben take Alex lost?

Origin: Ben kidnapped Alex when Widmore ordered him to kill her mother. Since Then: Ben raised Alex as his daughter. He protected her excessively, fearing her becoming pregnant.

What happened to Rousseau?

After learning of the freighter crew’s intentions to kill everyone on the island, Ben directs Rousseau, along with Alex and her boyfriend Karl (Blake Bashoff), to head to the Temple where the rest of the Others are located. On their way, Rousseau and Karl are shot by unseen attackers, and both are killed.

Does Danielle find Alex in Lost?

Shortly after she helped the survivors defend themselves from an Other attack, Alex and Danielle finally reunited. They both died shortly afterward.

Is Alex Ben’s daughter?

Alexandra Rousseau is a fictional character on the ABC television series Lost played by Tania Raymonde. She was born 16 years prior to the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, but was taken from her mother, Danielle Rousseau, by Ben Linus.

Who dies in Lost in order?

Season 2

  • Adam Rutherford – Dies from injuries sustained in a car accident as a result of Jack choosing to save his future wife instead, shown in a flashback.
  • Shannon Rutherford – Accidentally shot by Ana Lucia.
  • Donald – Dies from an infection of a leg injury.
  • Nathan – Neck snapped by Goodwin Stanhope.

Did Ben care about Alex Lost?

While Ben did grow to care for Alex and raised her as his own, it was never his right to become her father in the first place.

Who is Alex’s father in Lost?

Ben LinusAlex Rousseau / Father

What was Danielle’s illness in Lost?

Claire post-infection became a mentally unstable, paranoid murderer and cradled a boar’s skull to replace her baby. Jungle hermit Danielle acted similarly, exhibiting what appeared to be similar paranoid delusions, though she claimed to be the only expedition member to escape the sickness.

Who killed Karl lost?

Following the crashing of their plane, Rousseau met and eventually joined the Flight 815 survivors, and finally reunited with her daughter. On 27 December 2004, while she, Alex, and Karl were traveling to the Temple, they were ambushed by Keamy and his mercenary team. Both Rousseau and Karl were shot dead.

Is Ben Alex’s dad Lost?

Answer: He isn’t Alex’s literal biological father. He kidnapped Alex from a younger Danielle and raised her as his daughter among The Others. From the Lostpedia page for Alex– When Alex was one week old, Benjamin Linus crept into Danielle’s tent under the orders to kill her.

How does Kate get Aaron on Lost?

Since Then: Sawyer never approached Aaron’s mother, according to Hurley, but he eventually did, at Hurley’s suggestion. They later discovered that Sawyer’s voice kept Aaron from crying. When Claire abandoned Aaron and joined the Man in Black, Sawyer took the baby and later passed him to Kate, who eventually raised him.