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Is a right angle drill worth it?

Is a right angle drill worth it?

The right angle drill is pretty versatile and can be useful in nearly any DIY project that gets you into tight spaces, such as plumbing and other construction projects. For example, when drilling or screwing between floor joists, inside a cabinet, or anywhere the screws may be hard to reach with a typical drill.

What are right angle drills Good For?

The right-angle drill is primarily designed to fit into tight spaces that a regular drill could not be applied. The angle allows for a smaller head and shorter extension of the handle, so that corners can be drilled from the inside. This is also true of any space that is not long enough to handle a traditional drill.

What is a 7 amp right angle drill used for?

Used extensively for drilling between joist and studs, in tight corners, or in close quarters, this 7 amp heavy-duty drill has all ball and roller bearings for durability and long-term use. The head and handle swivel 360 degrees and can be locked tight in any position for difficult drilling angles.

When did Milwaukee M28 come out?

The first new M28 product will be available in stores Summer, 2010.

Who makes the smallest right angle drill?

Makita DA3010F 4 Amp 3/8-Inch Right Angle Drill It’s also one of the most compact right-angle drills, with a short head width of just 2⅝ inches and a total length of 10⅝ inches, so it can fit into spaces that few other drills can reach.

Does Milwaukee still make M28 tools?

The M28™ provides the power of a corded tool with none of the added problems. The M28™ Circular Saw is only one of the many new M28™ products now available from Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.

Can you use M28 batteries in M18 tools?

A: No, unfortunately not. You can’t run the 28v tools with the 18v battery either. The m28 will run any v28 tool and can be charged with the older v28 chargers. I have both 28v and 18v tools and to be honest, the brushless 18v tools out-perform the 28v.