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Is a dental therapist the same as a dentist?

Is a dental therapist the same as a dentist?

Dental therapists are registered dental professionals who carry out certain items of dental treatment direct to patients or under prescription from a dentist.

What is the purpose of the dental therapist?

Definition. Dental Therapists (DTs) are mid–level practitioners licensed by the Board of Dentistry and members of an oral health care team. They provide evaluative, preventive, restorative and minor surgical dental care within their scope of practice. Dental Therapists (DT) work under the direction of a dentist.

What is the difference between a dental hygienist and a dental therapist?

Although many people are qualified to act as both dental hygienist and dental therapist, the main difference between the two positions is that dental therapists are generally able to provide a more diverse array of treatments than hygienists – just not the more advanced care that dentists can give.

Can a dental therapist do fillings?

The dental therapist is a woefully underused professional They are trained to provide fillings in children and adults, carry out extractions in children, screen for oral cancer, treat periodontal disease, refer patients to other healthcare providers when required, take radiographs (X-rays)… the list goes on.

Can a dental therapist do Botox?

Can dental therapists prescribe Botox? No. Whilst dental hygienists and dental therapists can administer Botox if they are trained, competent and indemnified to do so, they cannot carry out the full-service of Botox because they are not qualified to prescribe it.

Can dental therapists do teeth whitening?

A dentist should always assess you before carrying out tooth whitening to confirm whether treatment would be right for you. Registered dental hygienists, dental therapists and clinical dental technicians can also carry out tooth whitening on the instructions of a dentist.

Can a dental therapist diagnose?

So, a dental therapist can provide diagnosis and treatment to private patients for the most common dental conditions but NHS patients must always see a dentist first.

Can a dental therapist do an exam?

Treatments – Therapist The current GDC guidance document Scope of Practice specifies treatment that can be provided. Whilst therapists are able to conduct certain elements of a clinical examination, plus diagnose and treatment plan (within their level of competence), they cannot diagnose disease.

Are dental therapists called doctors?

While a dental therapist performs dental services, they are not licensed or trained as a doctor of dentistry. A dental therapist is a dental professional who performs dental services, but who is not licensed or trained as a doctor of dentistry.

Can a dental therapist work as a hygienist?

The work of a dental therapist: Dental therapists can carry out all the duties of a dental hygienist and also provide: simple restorations (fillings) place pre-formed crowns.

Is a hygienist qualified to do fillings?

What the Dental Hygienist can do. Dental Hygienists may include hygiene treatment which could be a simple scale and polish or more in-depth gum disease treatment or fillings.

Can a hygienist do facial aesthetics?

We have already witnessed a notable shift from hygienists assisting purely with necessary dental treatments to getting involved with cosmetic procedures such as whitening, and in recent years this has expanded further to include facial aesthetics, too.