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Is a 2016 v6 Camaro reliable?

Is a 2016 v6 Camaro reliable?

How Reliable Is the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro? With a reliability rating of 4.5 out of five, the Camaro beats most vehicles on the market, including other sports cars .

What is the value of a 2016 SS Camaro?

The V8-powered 2016 Camaro SS starts at about $37,300. Generally, base prices for the 2016 Camaro are a little higher than its cross-town rival, the Ford Mustang, but the Chevy offers more standard equipment, making the comparison something of a wash.

How fast is a 2016 SS Camaro?

First Place: Chevrolet Camaro SS

Vehicle 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS 2015 Ford Mustang GT
Top Speed 165 mph (gov ltd, C/D est) 164 mph (gov ltd)
Braking 70–0 MPH 147 feet 157 feet
Roadholding, 300-ft-dia Skidpad 0.98 g 0.94 g

Is a V6 Camaro a sports car?

Chevrolet dealers in Indiana are raving about the new 2017 Chevrolet Camaro V6, and with good reason! This generation offers an expanded lineup for this timeless sports car.

How much horsepower does a 2016 Camaro SS have?

275 to 455 hp2016 Chevrolet Camaro / Horsepower

How much is a 2016 Camaro 2SS?

About the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro

Coupe Original MSRP/Price Horsepower
Camaro 2dr Cpe 1LT $25700 / $24672 275
Camaro 2dr Cpe 1SS $36300 / $34848 455
Camaro 2dr Cpe 2LT $29800 / $28608 275
Camaro 2dr Cpe 2SS $41300 / $39648 455

Which is better Mustang GT or Camaro SS?

As tested by Motor Trend, the Chevy Camaro is faster than the Ford Mustang at every level and every distance. Their racecourse test saw the Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe get clocked a full 3.3 seconds faster than the Ford Mustang GT Premium Fastback (80.67 to 83.97 seconds).

Can you daily drive a Camaro SS?

While that seems a bit exaggerative, it’s not that far though. The Camaro SS is a daily muscle car, no doubt. With the 1LE package, the nature of the car has turned aggressive, but not to the extent that you should sacrifice comfort or convenience.

Which Camaro is most collectible?

Five Of The Most Collectible Chevy Camaros Ever

  • 1969 Chevy Camaro ZL-1. Photo credit: Barrett-Jackson.
  • 1970 Chevy Camaro Z/28 LT-1. Photo credit: Barrett-Jackson.
  • 1969 Chevy Camaro COPO/Yenko. Photo credit: Mecum Auctions.
  • 1988 Chevy Camaro IROC-Z 1LE.
  • 1982 Chevy Camaro Z/28 Indy Pace Car.