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Is 5 point someone a true story?

Is 5 point someone a true story?

Chetan Bhagat’s 2004 novel Five Point Someone: What not to date at ITT is not directly a true story. However, the novel is based somewhat on Bhagat’s own life and is considered a semi-autobiographical work.

What is the social problem in the novel Five Point Someone discuss?

In his debut novel Five Point Someone, Chetan Bhagat raised the issues related to education system like lack of disciples, ragging, mindless mugging. Bhagat shows the behavior of students in campus and college. Lack of disciplines and Rowdiness of student is very big problem in contemporary education system.

What is the genre of Five Point Someone?

Five Point Someone/Genres

What is the theme of five point?

They fail to cope with the grading system of the IITs. In five Point Someone, he describes the perennial themes like parental pressure on children for getting admission in highly competitive institute, earn high grades, get a good job, poverty, exploitation at job place, ill effects of domestic quarrel etc.

How are the five point people punished for attempting to steal the exam paper?

In this way, the guards realized that someone was in the office and caught the three redhanded. How were the three punished for breaking into a professor’s office and attempting to steal the exam paper? Suspended for one semester.

What do you like most about Chetan Bhagat’s books?

How a student learns things in a funny way and that the most important thing in learning is practicality rather than remembering some definitions are among many things that have been highlighted by Chetan Bhagat in a forceful manner. This is a good book to be read at least one time.

What are some Bollywood films that Chetan Bhagat has been in?

There are many Bollywood films that Chetan has been based on Bhagat’s novels such as Half Girlfriend, Kai Po Che, Kick, 2 States, 3 Idiots and more. He has produced the best screenplay for Kai Po Che Also won the Filmfare Award!

Does Chetan Bhagavad Gita’s story resemble his upbringing?

It is worth noticing that it is a common conundrum among the Indian novelists that they seek to find, in their plots, a resemblance with their upbringing, education or emotional anxieties. Chetan could not think of any other thing rather than putting his own experiences at stake for his continuing debut in Indian English fiction writing.